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January 15, 2013

Avery went to ECSE. He was grumpy all day and didn’t want to go. He wanted to go to the max station instead of wait for the bus, but he did voluntarily get on the bus without having a fit.

Another shortened day because I met with Naim’s psychologist for the first time. Naim asked for someone “like the speech pathologist” that was an expert in helping him with his fear and anxiety. I had read books about anxiety and tried some of those suggestions, and I actually think it has improved some, but he still occasionally has crying fits, and has mentioned killing himself because what is the point of life if everyone dies and the sun is going to explode? And that was pretty much the point where I decided to bring in the professionals. I found her through the blind community, actually. A blind person we know that is a psych referred her. (She was clear across town so too far for us.) But this woman is making housecalls. She is coming on Tuesdays, so we will have to work around schoolwork. Today was just intake with me, and then she will do a couple of intake periods with Naim, and then we will meet back together with a plan.

But this is what we did get done:

  • MIF, Lesson 3, Day 1.
  • Sylvan Spelling Words
  • Sylvan Workbooks, 2 pp. each
  • Aaron did v and w in HWT.
  • Naim did 2 pp. in each ZB book that involved drawing pictures and writing all the letters he knows.

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