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January 18, 2013

I went to school with Avery so we could go to his new classroom for a visit. I had talked to Traci about this before, Nik had talked to TR and Chris about it, it seemed like no big deal. Traci even said she was going to take him over there to get him accustomed. But when I got there, Chris acted like I had three heads and said “we are not going to start transitioning him until FEBRUARY.” And I’m like, yeah? So? What does that have to do with me visiting today? This is the day I can visit. (No, I didn’t really say that…but it was kind of like what’s the big deal?) I thought it might be a ratio issue, but both classrooms had very low numbers of kids that day (maybe due to 3 day weekend?) Anyway, I got to visit for about 45 minutes. It is probably for the best because I am fighting a virus anyway.

So, the classroom is about 3 times as big. It has lots of windows and is very bright. We played for a few minutes and did circle time. She says she has 15 to 17 kids, mostly three year olds. The two teachers names are Christie and Cady. So, I think it will be good for him there, he will no longer be a giant who doesn’t talk (he will now be a tall kid who doesn’t talk. Hee.) The teacher obviously knew nothing about him, because she kept asking him questions and expecting an answer. But he doesn’t officially transfer until FEBRUARY, Lisa! So maybe they haven’t passed notes yet. Here is his freely. Notice how it says he participated in calendar in circle time when he wasn’t even in the room during circle time. By the time we got back to his classroom, they were done with circle time. Heh. Freely means they can freely say whatever they want on those things, and no one will be the wiser!

Big kids went with Nik to OMSI. They looked at fossils and made a fossil. It all went well. Then (and this always happens when Nik is around) they befriended an elderly volunteer who took them around the Earth Science hall which now has an exhibit about environmental responsibility. Later, they met this man again at the cafeteria and he talked to them for about 20 minutes about fossils and dinosaurs. So, they had a good day there. They stopped by Ben and Jerry’s (Chinook Book coupon!) for ice cream on the way home, to celebrate Naim’s DER finish.

Pictures! (From Nik’s camera, so…)