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February 28, 2013

Avery went to ECSE today, and came home with a Very Important Hat. He wore it all day long and was very careful to put it away when he went to bed.



Big kids and I tried to get back into the swing today. My biggest issue now is stamina and my back is killing me all the time. I have had this before after abdominal surgery. Your ab muscles aren’t doing their part and it throws everything off in your back. Naim and I are still taking short walks and I finally got new running shoes and a sensor to inspire me to go out and do some cardio work with the heart monitor on. I think I have about one more week of “recovery” to go before I can kind of get totally back to normal.

So, kids today did:

  • We did a short review of Ch. 12 since it has been so long and then I gave them the test. Aaron missed one of seventeen. Naim missed two. But again, both of their mistakes involve cases of misunderstood directions. Is that because they aren’t tested much?
  • both did 2 pp. Sylvan and 5 spelling words each
  • Naim did Bonus book stuff for HOP Lesson 9 and reread the story in the regular workbook
  • Aaron did the DVD and reading for HOP Lesson 6
  • Naim worked on the iPad and ZB books on letter Ii
  • Aaron did the letter j in HWT

In the afternoon, Naim and I worked on his Moonlight hamster video.

February 21-27, 2013

Well, since this last whole week was taken up by my emergency surgery business, and  I need to conserve my energy to be able to more quickly go back to the job at hand, I will do a quick summery:


The kids and I went to the Children’s Museum, where we saw the Storyland exhibit, and did our usual stuff. Avery was great except for lunch, when apparently I ordered him the wrong thing. The new cafe sucks and is overpriced, so we learned our lesson there and next time will be taking our lunch. I’m sure there are pics below.

That night, I took the ambvan to the ER, where I stayed until Sunday. I had surgery Friday afternoon while Nik stayed home from work (eye roll!) until today.


I was supposed to take them for their VH OMSI class, but obviously…Nik took Avery to Goddard and I do not think I saw any report from that day. But he stayed the day in the Forest and so I think he is a permanent member now.

Due to all the ER goings-on, the kids did not make it to OMSI in time for their class, but they decided to go to OMSI anyway and see the Mythbusters exhibit which Aaron has been waiting for for months. So I am glad they went but sorry I missed it. But always next month, I guess.  It seemed like it was part exhibit and part show. They were duly impressed.


On Saturday we were supposed to start our yoga class in downtown Hillsboro and then meet with our park guy, but obviously all of that went to hell. I had Nik bring the kids down to the hospital to  visit me and also bring me some clean clothes and of course my all important iPad charger! They only stayed about 1/2 hour, which was fine because I was sleeping the day away.


I think the kids went to the store and the pharmacy with Nik because I was unable to do safeway and I needed scrips. Apparently, like a true homeschooler, Naim interviewed the pharmacist and learned all about her job while he was waiting for her to sort out my scrips.  I came home on my own in a cab this day.


Nik was home and Susannah took the kids to visit Dwight at the nursing home in the morning. This is good because I have not been able to take them for about two weeks. Later, Nik took them downtown to drama and art, so I was happy they didn’t miss those since they missed last week because of my being sick. (roll eyes AGAIN.) Aaron made “marble paper” out of I guess shaving cream and paint.


Nik home again, it was a pretty low-key day.  Avery went to ECSE and we finally got all the vaccine stuff straightened out. Naim and I went for a walk around the block to get me started back to getting up and around. And to test whether I could take them to VH.


I really, really meant to take them to VH today, but once I got Avery up and over to Goddard,  I was completely wiped out and having dizzy spells. So, ugh, I didn’t make it. We did the latest “kiwi crate” things with pom pom pets and pet playgrounds.

Avery was over at Goddard all day today instead of Monday, as Nik arranged that so it would be easier for me today and he could go back to work. He did well there and here is his “freely.”

Tomorrow, Avery goes back to ECSE and I will start school up again, but except for maybe some walks with the kids, I am not planning to go anywhere. Friday will be half day for Avery at Goddard and we will continue school. I think we are going to see Seussical at NWCT this weekend if I remember right.


Here are the pics off my camera, the OMSI ones aren’t here.

February 20, 2013

So it is a bit of a weird week because Avery does not have school and Monday was a day off for Nik. I was actually dead sick on Sunday/Monday with likely Norovirus, so nothing much happened then and I canceled Erika for Tuesday because of it. Tuesday was pretty low key but we did manage to make it to the park for a bit.

Today was VH day. This was the first day I tried going home and coming back to pick them up. It sure would be nice if they could get a ride home, it is hard to go back. But I have all but given up getting rides in Portland. It is just not done (with few and far between exceptions). Anyway, it went ok though. We got back by 10:10 and left to get them at 1:30. So, I guess the math goes something like, if I spend the whole day there, I am occupied from 8:30 – 3:15 or 6 hours and 45 minutes.  Only 2 hours on transit, but much of that time is spent stressfully managing Avery and paying money for things I don’t need like coffee and food just to pass the time in a coffee shop or something. It isn’t like I can grocery shop or anything in that amount of time and get the food (how to carry?) back to my house and be back. If I come back home, I have about 3 hours and twenty minutes or so minutes of pure transit, but a little over three hours to relax at home for free with Avery.

So, I didn’t really have anything planned for Avery to do, but he was having a lot of fun with quiet alone time with me. We did some puzzles and looked at pictures on the iPad, in which he was (with prompting) naming Aaron and Naim (A A and Ni Ni) and hanging out. Next week I think I will pull together an art project or something. Stuff that is hard to do in the usual house chaos with him. I think in total the day was less tiring that way. And it isn’t as if I still can’t stop at the library while I am there or whatever sometimes. So, I think it will continue.

Kids didn’t give too much detail about classes. Aaron says he made a transporter that was too big to bring home in Messy garage, did BORING stuff like talk about plant cells in science, and not much about discoverers. Naim–I don’t know WHAT is going on in that filmaking class. He can’t seem to tell me anything about it and what he does tell me sounds like only problems. I will reserve judgment for now, and see if anything shakes out by the end of the term, but whatever. Measure for Treasure was “more art.”I think they are doing a lot with fractions which involves cutting things into parts.

February 15, 2013

Avery’s Freely from Goddard, except now that it is coming from the Preschool room, I may change the name to the Further Report. I picked him up in that room today. But he doesn’t officially start from there until March.

Big Kids:

  • Math end of chapter 12 “math journal” stuff.
  • 2 pp. Sylvan each plus spelling words.
  • Both did respective HOP worksheets.
  • Naim did the letter L with the iPad and books in ZB
  • Aaron did y in HWT, he had to use the iPad, too of course.
  • We did a Little Passports China thing. Naim was very upset to find out he was born in the year of the Monkey.

Naim had a short playdate with R. They went to the park.

February 14, 2013

Avery went to ECSE. He came home with a Valentine from the teacher and one from another little boy and a lollipop, so he was happy. Later, I had to take him to the doctor to get his hep A vaccine so he could go back to school (exclusion day is Feb. 20). This was the first time he went to Trajano, my doctor across the street as per our new insurance. She is not a pediatrician, but I actually think they did a better job trying to make him feel comfortable. It was without success, which is a given with Avery, but it was not for lack of trying. They even brought in two nurses to give him the two shots (Hep A and flu) simultaneously, which helped a lot. So, he is now legal to return to school. But no school next week anyway.

Big kids:

  • We did the extra practice book for MIF Ch. 12 Lesson 3. I only have one copy so I was having them do every other one. Never again. In their off time they got too silly waiting, which got the other kid silly and it took FOREVER. Next time I am going to tear out the pages and make copies for each. After this chapter, I think we are going to stop for a few days and work on addition and subtraction facts with flashcards and stuff. This counting on their fingers bullshit was fine at first but now it blows. Next chapter starts some simple two digit addition with regrouping and I don’t want to be dealing with 3+4 at that stage. But besides that, I will say that Naim is killing it in math with this new book. Things are clicking for him.
  • Each did their 2 pp of Sylvan. Aaron has it in his head that Vocabulary is the most fun and easy of the three books (Reading, Vocab, and Spelling) so he always does that. Whatever, he is going to finish all three books eventually.
  • Naim did reading/DVD for Lesson 9 in HOP
  • Aaron did reading/DVD for Lesson 5 in HOP
  • Aaron did something (??? he does it on his own, so I forget) in HWT.
  • Naim finished up the first unit in ZB, which had to do with horizontal, vertical, diagonal, circular lines.

February 13, 2013

I was a bit worried that this day was going to be a disaster, but it actually all worked out perfectly.

The conflict was that the kids wanted to go to Discoverers at VH to do the Valentine’s exchange thing, but we had signed up to go tour a fire station. So, we decided to go to VH for the first hour and then leave for the firestation, which was about 1 mile away and we were walking. Bobbi said she was going to do the exchange on the first half of class, but it was still iffy if it was going to get done, or if I would walk in and pick them up  during the middle of it and then it would be impossible to exstract Aaron and then there would be slow, miserable walking and we would never get there on time. Thankfully, Bobbi came through for me and when I got there, it was done and they were ready to go. The walk wasn’t bad, it was a nice day.

The firestation was pretty cool. There are all sorts of little tidbits you didn’t know, like that they have a tether connected to their pants and if they need to jump out of a window, they can tether themselves to anything and crawl out. Or that they can push one button when they get a call and everything in the firestation shuts off (ovens, appliances, etc.) Avery was a brat at first because we were standing around waiting for everyone to get there and he wanted to see the firetrucks so he was screaming. Then he barely tolerated the tour of the “living/work space” so I have no pictures of that. But he really liked the last part of the tour when they took us around the fire engines. There was a call when we were there and we were in the kitchen at lunch time so all these guys (and one woman!) were cooking. And they did just drop everything and leave. (except two that stayed behind with us.)  The other thing they did that I thought was good was to dress up right in front of us in all their gear and mask and ax and everything. They do that so kids they need to rescue will be familiar with the uniform and know that there is a real person under it all.

After, there was a park right next to the fire station and the kids played with a few VH kids that lingered. It had this sort of dirt bike track with a lot of hills and valleys and that was the BEST THING EVER to play tag on. It was hard to extract them from there. It was a good day.

Here are some pics that were mostly taken by Naim. There are some interesting close-ups here.


February 12, 2013

Avery went to ECSE and that went well, he came home with his THIRD snowman with stuff (scarves, eyes, hat, etc.) glued all in the wrong place, which I actually like because then it means that Avery did it himself. Also there was info about two events that already happened last week! (Heh. that place is SO organized.) But it did mention another event next month that I might be interested in about a speaker who is talking about stimulating communication.

Erika came today and it looks like they spent their time drawing his fears. He drew about 20-25 fears, everything from people dying to deforestation to not having money for transit to Nik burning his hand. It looks like after they did that, they categorized them all into three categories: 1) environmental damage; 2) people being disrespectful or mad at him; and 3) people dying or getting hurt.

When she was here, R. stopped by on roller skates, it was very cute. She asked Naim if he wanted to go do something with her on Friday, like roller skating. He doesn’t have roller skates so I am not sure what they are going to do. Then they are going to hang out Saturday, and then next Thursday I am taking them to the children’s museum. That kid’s social life is better than mine by far.

So, school:

  • We worked on Lesson 3, day 2 in MIF Ch. 12. We did the workbook. I might do the practice book next time. I think they are getting this finally. Naim is clicking with it now. Is this the wonder of Singapore Math or would it have happened anyway? I like the program so far, though. It is kind of like, you didn’t know there was anything wrong with Calvert until you tried something better and then it is like, oh, this is so much better way to teach this!
  • Aaron did 2 pp. of Sylvan.
  • Aaron did review and online game for unit 1 in HOP.
  • Aaron worked on the iPad handwriting app and then did l in HWT.
  • Naim (later after Erika) did 2 pp. of Sylvan
  • Naim did the bonus workbook and review for HOP lesson 8. He read the story to Avery, which was kind of cute.
  • Naim did diagonal lines for ZB.
  • They watched Charles Darwin in BrianPop
  • They both worked on making Valentines for their friends in Discoverers which is tomorrow.