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January 7, 2013

Avery’s Freely Report. We talked today about Avery moving up from the Toddler “Get Set” Program to the preschool program and we all think he is ready. He will be going from a 10:2 ratio to a 20:2 ratio, but it is a bigger room, he will no longer be the biggest and oldest kid in the room, they will be doing things more on his cognitive level, and he will have peer models to talk to, which right now he doesn’t. He will visit the classroom a few times in January, and then start full-time in Feb. I will miss Traci.

Big kids:

  • Naim did lesson 36 in DER.
  • Aaron read two of the Usborne phonics books.
  • We did the intro to Ch. 10 in our new math book: Math In Focus. I am getting the hang of the new book. It does not do the workbook every day, so it feels more like learning stuff than just getting the workbook done. This Chapter is about weight, so we used the balance scale.
  • We started the Sylvan spelling box for each kid. (Naim in the K box and Aaron in the 1st grade box. This is Aaron’s second box.)
  • They each did 2 pp. in Sylvan workbooks.
  • Naim finished worksheets for Lesson 6 in HOP.
  • Aaron finished worksheets for Lesson 12 in HOP.
  • Naim worked on the OT exercises in Zaner-Bloser, which was balancing a ball in a spoon. Nik and I both thought this was too easy the other night, but he actually struggled a bit so we worked on holding the spoon handle close to the spoon at first, and then moving back. He also did the letter identification pages in the blackline masters book (which I am using like a second workbook.)
  • Aaron did a page of upper-case review in HWT, and practiced on magnetic board.
  • They watched Brainpop about the scientific method.
  • They each did Lesson 3 in MGG.

I did not make it to Aaron’s first Art class downtown, which is in the same building and at the same time as Naim’s drama class at NWCT. Naim’s drama starts next week. I got really sick in the afternoon. I am banging out these medical appointments to get to the bottom of this and assess what the plan will be, so am giving myself a break on this one. All of Xmas break has been my medical stuff or running around for D’s medical stuff. ┬áBut hope to take them both next Monday.