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January 8, 2013

Avery went to ECSE today. The bus came at 9:40 rather than 10:05 like they said. So I hadn’t even told him he was going to school yet when the bus came, and I just had to run out and throw him on. Then the rest of the morning was spent getting phone calls and emails about how he threw up on the bus. I got like 3 calls and one email telling me this. It was a national emergency! He had a change of clothes and by the time I could have gotten there to pick him up, it would have been almost time to come home anyway, so whatever. They said he did it when they were almost at the school, so at that point, he would have been on that bumpy-ass bus for a bit over an hour. I would throw up too! Now they changed the routes and are picking him up at 10:15, which is a bit better I guess.

So, big kids and my time was cut a bit short by that, and still trying to see how much we can get done on Tues/Thurs. But here is what we did:

  • Worked on a letter sound ID game in Writing Strands 1. 
  • Did Chapter 10 Lesson 1 (day one) in math.
  • Did next ten sylvan spelling words for each kid.
  • Naim worked on a cutting and sorting page that we skipped awhile back in Sylvan and did another page.
  • Aaron did two pages in Sylvan.
  • Naim did the unit review in HOP. Unit 2, I think.
  • Aaron did the DVD and book for lesson 13 in HOP
  • Aaron did a number review page in HWT.
  • Naim did the spoon/ball thing again (better this time) and letter matching worksheets in ZB
  • Brainpop was about Elvis, and brainpop jr. was about the scientific method.

I wanted to do a magic schoolbus experiment today but did not have time. I think we could next time without the interference of all the ECSE phone calls and I was really having tachycardia issues after rushing Avery to the bus, so that took some time to recover from. Working on the cardiac stuff, and without the phone calls, I think I could have gotten another half hour out of that time.

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