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2012: 9

With Nik returning to work, I’ll have to come up with a revised schedule. Today Nik went to D’s in the morning and then had to go fill out paperwork, so he was gone all day. We did math and together reading in the morning with Avery being Avery. It was ok with only mild chaos. But I may switch individual reading to mornings so that I can send one kid off to play with Avery, or at least it would be a bit less intense.

Also, I’ve been trying to get some kind of outdoors/physical activity going for a half hour after lunch before Avery’s nap that not only burns off energy for them but would be SOME kind of exercise for me. I do not understand why there is all this stuff for parents (fitness classes, etc.) where you have to find childcare for your kids and then you take your kids to whatever class or sport, and sit there bored while they do their physical activity. I mean, sure, those should be options, but why not an option where the whole family could do something together? Like casual all ages soccer or Zumba slowed down just a tad for kids, martial arts for all ages…etc. I guess we shall make up our own as we go. Today we just did big wheels and some running in the alley. It was ok, but I need some different ideas. Time to go online and ask the homeschoolers.

So, I think it will be:

  • Get up dressed B-fasted.
  • Work with Avery for a while after breakfast. Work him into wanting some independent playtime.
  • Word Time and Handwriting
  • Get snack for Avery and first kid, individual reading for second kid. then switch. Maybe an Avery break in there, too with some Buttercups stuff (or maybe I can even have the kids work with him on some of that stuff.)
  • Lunch
  • Outside/Fitness
  • Avery naps.
  • Together Reading and Math
  • Science/Art/other type of project
  • Get Avery up
  • Dinner, etc…

Loosely something like that. There is a lot of other stuff we pile in there, but that is the basic idea, anyway.

So today:

  • Read Usborne Very First Readers Book 4, “Dog Diary,” and reviewed word bank.
  • Math, ok we did 2 lessons. The Teachers manual numbers them sequentially from 1-160 while the actual book goes by chapters 2.1, 2.2 etc. That is really, really dumb. I can never remember what we did. I believe we did Lessons 13 and 14 which were 2.6 and 2.7. It was working with a number line.
  • PE: Bigwheels
  • Word Time (BOAT LAKE)
  • Handwriting X
  • Naim, Reviewed HOP DVD Lesson 1 -at words and lesson 2 -an words. Reread that lesson. Listened to short a songs on CD “There was a man who had a VAAAAAN, until he ran into a CAAAAN.” I get them stuck in my head. He did letter Pp in Sylvan.
  • Aaron: -og word search in Sylvan, 2 more rhyme pages in sylvan, 10 spelling words. Re-read “Slim Sam” he did much better today. Reviewed all Unit 1  lesson words and played game on computer.
  • They watched Reading Rainbow, Stella Luna again.
  • We read through part of National Geographic Kids about wolves, crystal caves, a dolphin rescue, etc.

Remind myself that both of them need work on the difference between b, d. Also both, but especially Naim, need a short vowel intense review.

Also, Avery came up to me today and shut my iPad cover and said, “nu nu nu nu” and I said, “No?” And he said, “NO!” He wanted me to play with him.

Big Wheel Time.

Avery can't quite reach the pedals, yet. But he scoots pretty fast.

Naim preferred to run today.

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