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January 7, 2013

Avery’s Freely Report. We talked today about Avery moving up from the Toddler “Get Set” Program to the preschool program and we all think he is ready. He will be going from a 10:2 ratio to a 20:2 ratio, but it is a bigger room, he will no longer be the biggest and oldest kid in the room, they will be doing things more on his cognitive level, and he will have peer models to talk to, which right now he doesn’t. He will visit the classroom a few times in January, and then start full-time in Feb. I will miss Traci.

Big kids:

  • Naim did lesson 36 in DER.
  • Aaron read two of the Usborne phonics books.
  • We did the intro to Ch. 10 in our new math book: Math In Focus. I am getting the hang of the new book. It does not do the workbook every day, so it feels more like learning stuff than just getting the workbook done. This Chapter is about weight, so we used the balance scale.
  • We started the Sylvan spelling box for each kid. (Naim in the K box and Aaron in the 1st grade box. This is Aaron’s second box.)
  • They each did 2 pp. in Sylvan workbooks.
  • Naim finished worksheets for Lesson 6 in HOP.
  • Aaron finished worksheets for Lesson 12 in HOP.
  • Naim worked on the OT exercises in Zaner-Bloser, which was balancing a ball in a spoon. Nik and I both thought this was too easy the other night, but he actually struggled a bit so we worked on holding the spoon handle close to the spoon at first, and then moving back. He also did the letter identification pages in the blackline masters book (which I am using like a second workbook.)
  • Aaron did a page of upper-case review in HWT, and practiced on magnetic board.
  • They watched Brainpop about the scientific method.
  • They each did Lesson 3 in MGG.

I did not make it to Aaron’s first Art class downtown, which is in the same building and at the same time as Naim’s drama class at NWCT. Naim’s drama starts next week. I got really sick in the afternoon. I am banging out these medical appointments to get to the bottom of this and assess what the plan will be, so am giving myself a break on this one. All of Xmas break has been my medical stuff or running around for D’s medical stuff.  But hope to take them both next Monday.

August 17, 2012

Big Kids:

  • Naim did Lesson 13 in DER, review questions and workbook review.
  • Aaron finished the Usborne Very First Readers Box (see picture).
  • Both did 2 pp. of respective Sylvan workbooks.
  • Did 2 Lessons in Calvert Math, 7.6 and 7.7, I think, involving pictographs.
  • Aaron reviewed HOP DVD Lesson 3, the shared reading thingy, did worksheets and drawing thing.
  • Naim did the review page in the workbook and the online game for HOP Lesson 16, the last in Volume one.
  • Sentence School (Ben winks. Ben thinks.)
  • HWT Letter -z-, listened to song on CD.
  • BrainPop on research.

Aaron completed all 15 books of Usborne’s Very First Reader Series. These included the books, the binder full of corrosponding worksheets, vocabulary words, and activities in the back of each book, We spent about three days on each book.

Avery took Nik to school today. All seemed to go well and Nik had fun there. Here is the report, of course with the same level of accuracy as usual, which amuses me. They went to the mountain room today due to low numbers. Apparently, Avery is going to move into there in September. I wish he could stay in the same room for at least a school year, I think they shuffle them too much. I know it has a lot to do with numbers/ratios, but still. He has spent some time in there, so I think it will be ok, but I don’t see the point in moving them every three to six months. Here are the pics that Nik took, with his usual unique Nik photography:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

August 13, 2012

Avery’s Freely Report. If Avery doesn’t stop screaming I may have to kill myself. It is constant and LOUD. It isn’t that he is unhappy, well, he can be sometimes but that is not why he is screaming. He just screams to scream. I’m trying to ignore it and praise the quiet, but it is so incessant. I might ask Traci if he does it at school and what she does about it, if anything. One thing we liked about Goddard is that it rarely seems to be the chaotic, loud frenzy of screaming that you see at other schools. It is almost always fairly quiet and peaceful there. But the screaming and the screaming. It makes everything just…more tense and excitable in the house.

Big Kids:

  • Naim did Lesson 12 of DER, DVD, questions and workbook review.
  • Aaron did day 2 of Mr. Mystery, word bank, and stuff at the end of the book.
  • Naim did 4 pp. in Sylvan, Aaron did 2 pp.
  • Calvert Math 7.5: Interpreting Graph Data and mid chapter cumulative review.
  • Aaron did Lesson 3 in HOP without the DVD. He did OK but next time he isn’t going to talk me out of it, because he does way better with it.
  • Naim did day 3 of HOP Lesson 16, worksheets. He only has the review left and then on to Kindergarten Volume 2! (Progress is progress, no matter how slow)
  • Sentence School, Ava hums. Ava sings.
  • HWT letter -x-
  • Journal copy work letter x and sentences.
  • Working on charting chores in “My Job Chart” as an experiment. They are earning points for computer time. They did well today after we had a big meeting about it yesterday.


August 8, 2012

Avery went to school and when I picked him up, he was in the classroom next door. His classroom is empty and his teachers were in the office in a meeting. Not sure the deal there, but Avery seemed a bit irritated on the way home. Can’t disrupt the 2 year old routine. I assume whatever the deal was had nothing to do with him, or they would have told me. Maybe it was just a routine staff meeting that they have sometimes. Here is his freely report.

Big kids:

  • Aaron read the last Usborne book in the series, “Mr. Mystery.” I forgot to print out the word bank, but he did fine without it. I looked into getting him the next Usborne series books while we wait for Naim to finish up DER. Because the next discoveries is a bit too easy for Aaron and a bit too hard for Naim, so I thought we might be able to have “Together Reading” again and I would just give Aaron harder things to do and Naim easier things. But if I did that, I would have to get the additional student kit from Calvert. Which isn’t a big deal. But to fill the gap, I looked to Usborne. I love those books but their websites suck major choda. Hate, hate, hate. And I am NOT going to seek out some pushy sales person who wants me to have a book tupperware party. So, screw it Usborne, you have officially lost me. Not saying I won’t pick up a book or two from time to time, but not going on in the reading series because the websites make no sense. I have enough books around for Aaron to read while Naim is finishing DER.
  • Naim did Lesson 11 in DER, answered questions and reviewed workbook.
  • Calvert Math we did more with bar graphs. 7.5 and 7.6.
  • Naim did 2 pp. in Sylvan, Aaron did four.
  • Naim did bonus book for HOP Lesson 16, reread “The Rats.”
  • Aaron did worksheets for HOP Lesson 2.
  • Sentence School “Ben taps. Ben claps.” and letter -q- in HWT. I’m starting to seriously think about killing Handwriting without Tears. I may finish the current book. I t works OK for Aaron, his writing is reasonable, but Naim hates it and I hate teaching it. One of the biggest problems is the two lines they use when every other book uses the Zaner Bloser three line grid. Naim just doesn’t get where in space to put letters. There is also not enough practice in the book. So what he can do half-way ok on the chalkboard, doesn’t translate well to the book. I have found an iPad app for handwriting we might try, and then I am seriously thinking about switching next book to Zaner Bloser. But I would have to start him in Kindergarten again, and Aaron can really go on. Anyway, we also did journal copy work, which is where you really see that the two line system that HWT uses confuses Naim. Maybe I will scan a page.
  • Watched Space Flight in Brain Pop.

They went to Ds this afternoon. D has a pressure wound that is reaching a critical stage. I can feel it coming… He is staying in bed today. I am starting to go over there nights to make/bring him dinner. Which is tiring. The day I came home from Oral Hull I was so tired and had barely walked in the door when he messaged that he had a catheter clog. I went over there and flushed out the line but I was half dead when I did it. I’m giving myself a 9:00 curfew over there, otherwise I will not survive. But I kind of see a hospitalization in the future, so that will be a rest. Meanwhile, we recieved no timesheets last month…??? So have to figure that out. What does this have to do with homeschool? Nothing, I’m just bitching. And my dishwasher doesn’t work and we need to replace it but can’t afford right now so kids are “building character” by washing dishes. There, I brought it back to homeschooling.

A recent page from Aaron’s handwriting book, sadly the best I could do with a flatbed scanner. He makes little flurishes, but his writing is always basically neat and legible.


Naim’s is a bit all over the place. You can read this, but sometimes it is impossible to read. His numbers are worse.

August 6, 2012

Avery’s default state. Holding “Ribbity” and Air bottling.

Heh. Avery had fun playing with Chicken Car. I have no idea what Chicken Car is. But here is his report.

Big Kids:

  • We watched a video hosted by Wil Wheaton via NASA about the Mars Rover Curiosity Landing.
  • And of course, BrainPop was about Mars as well.
  • Naim watched Lesson 9 of DER. We answered the questions and reviewed the workbook.
  • Aaron read “Knight Fight” and did the worksheet on silent letters. We are now on the last book of this series. I like Usborne in general, but I thought this series ramped up too fast. Naim could do it in the beginning and then it just plain got too hard. When I look at the next series, it seems to start lower than this one. I think I may keep Aaron with Usborne, because he is ok with the challenge and keep Naim with Calvert’s Discoveries in Reading Series. Or I could do Aaron with DR even though he never did the first DER like Naim. Hmmm. Think I will look at the next step in Usborne to decide (and then I would have to track that down.)
  • We did our own tally sheet and bar graph with colored blocks. Then did Calvert’s 7.3 Lesson. One of the things it asked us to do was to pole at least 10 people about their favorite season, and then graph that. Since we didn’t have ten people, we poled stuffed animals, which included a variety of voices and actions and reasonings to their vote. It was funny.
  • Both did 2 pp. in Sylvan
  • Naim did Lesson 16 in HOP, DVD and book, which included reading “The Rats.” It is about plural -s- at the end of words.
  • Aaron did DVD and book for Lesson 2 in HOP, words that end in -th and -sh.
  • Sentence School (Ava points. Ava counts.) I did not have time to have them write copywork in their journals today, but the cool thing about this was that when we went over the word ‘count’, it asked about skip counting, and Aaron skip counted perfectly by 2s, 5s, and 10s. I didn’t know he could do that. I give Amy and math playground the credit for that.
  • HWT was -f-. Naim’s handwriting drives me mad. It is just so bad. I’m not sure what to do but just keep at it. I may post a note on a homeschooling board and see if anyone has any ideas.
  • Since we now had sugar, we redid our yeast experiments. We just have breadmaking left in that unit. Maybe Wed.
  • Kids made pictures with oil pastels.

Naim with our yeast experiment. The other yeast solution we made was in an open dish, and foamed all over the place. So this one we decided to catch the foam in a balloon.

August 3, 2012

WHAT did that place do to us??? Naim has had a rash, Avery and I and Nik have been having headaches and dry coughing and other unmentionables and have been incredibly tired. Aaron and Sully seem to have been spared. I think we may have all gotten mildew poisoning. It has been a very slow and sluggish week. We are going to wash all the laundry and sheets this weekend (needs to be done anyway) and give Sully a bath and open up the house and see if that will help us get the spores out or whatever we’ve all got. I should have gotten hazard pay.  Of course I cannot prove causation, but I highly suspect. It isn’t like we caught a virus, it is a different kind of sickness. I hesitate to let the kids go to D’s house, especially with Naim’s rash. I suspect it is not contagious, but do not want to risk immune suppressed D with his skin problems to a skin problem I don’t know about. If he can’t get it cured over the weekend, I will have to take some of us (Naim) to the doctor. The rash is preventing us from swimming, visiting D, and even canceled my dentist thing because they were supposed to go over to D’s.

So, Avery went to school today (and again it was like willing my legs to walk over there and I had to take a rest break there. redic!) Here is his freely.

Big Kids:

  • Naim did lesson 9 of DER. We went over the workbook and questions.
  • Aaron read “Knight Fight” and did the stuff in the back of the book.
  • They did 2 p. each of Sylvan
  • We did sentence school, Letter -b- in HWT and copywork in journals.
  • Naim did worksheets for Lesson 15 in HOP, and reread story.
  • Aaron did Lesson 1 worksheets in HOP. (had to do one over again because he fucked it up so bad. I just tossed it and reprinted it and had him do it over. But to be fair, they had words on there that he had never seen before and had to match the beginnings of words with either -ch or -tch. When I had him do it again, I wrote all the words out for him on a separate sheet of paper, so he just had to read and match them.
  • They did a bunch of brain pop jr. this afternoon.
  • They read a book each for the library summer reading project.
  • They finally finished up the bacteria experiement, which I thought was a bust, but I held on to the petri dishes a little longer and they finally sprouted spores. (Spores seem to be a theme for us lately.)  I have a picture on the ol’ iPad.

In the dish on the left, the clear side was after Naim washed his hands, and the blackish side is before. So, soap works! The other dish was divided into four quadrants. The top left was a sample from Naim’s tongue, the top right was Naims toes, the lower left is Aaron’s arm, and the lower right is Naim’s hair. Conclusion: We are dirty all over.

August 1, 2012

Avery went to school today, and saw “reptile man.”  Here is his Freely. He also either does puzzles or colors with markers when he is waiting for me to come get him (while the other kids get ready for naps.) He has gotten more into showing me his pictures, so I scanned the one from today. I’ll scan them every once in a while and see how they change. Already it is a great improvement from a few months ago when he didn’t seem to know what to do with crayons or markers and would just bang them around or put them in his mouth.

This morning before school, Aaron and Avery were so cute together. Aaron was singing “Witch Doctor” and rocking and Avery crawled in the chair to join him, and brought two pairs of glasses, which they both put on.

For the big kids, I don’t know, I caught something at Oral Hull. Not a cold exactly, just constant coughing, tiredness, and something that feels a bit like a UTI. Maybe it is a mold allergy or something. But I have not been able to stay awake the past few days. Today I forced myself to do school, which we didn’t get all the way through. Then when I went to pick Avery up, I had to sit down in the lobby at Goddard and let him play with trains for a bit because I was so dizzy and tired. I took a three hour nap this afternoon and am still tired. I hope this resolves soon. I felt myself getting sick at Oral Hull, but just had to keep going, and then I crashed at home. Irritating. So for Big Kids:

  • Naim watched Lesson 8 of DER
  • Aaron did word bank and read Book 14 in Usborne “Knight Fight.”
  • Both did 2 pp. of their respective Syvan books.
  • Naim did Bonus book and reread story in HOP Lesson 15. -ill words.
  • Aaron did the DVD and read Lesson 1 in Level 2 of HOP. words that end in -ch or -tch.
  • We did Calvert Math Chapter 7.1, which is about graphing and probability. We were going to do 7.2 which was about collecting data and tally marks, but I could tell they weren’t getting it and I was losing the energy to teach them, so try again next time. Did finish the practice book, though.
  • Watched “Lewis and Clark” in BrainPop.
  • For the library summer reading program, Naim read two Bob Books, “Mac” and “Dot.” Aaron read a scholastic book “Apple Picking,” and a book my sister got them called “A Home for Brooks.” They have till Aug. 15 and have 8 more books to read, so we are in good shape there.

So we did not do sentence school, handwriting or any type of science or extra thing. But I was glad to get that done. Friday I have to go to the dentist, so we are going to have to do some stuff during Avery’s naps the next couple of days, I have missed too much the last two weeks.

We had a meeting about classes at Village Home for next year since I just got my financial aid award and registration starts next Tues. I think we have decided to go Tuesday all day, and after the first day where I will help them find classes, they will go on their own (I will drop off and pick up.) Then I can have some time to get Avery to speech and that kind of thing.

Naim has chosen:

  • Math Playground
  • Drama
  • Hip Hop/Jazz
  • Theater (I’m letting him do two drama classes because this one is through Bad Wolf Press and is really a sneaky academic program. Plays set to history, grammar, literature and science themes.)
  • Fun Sports

Aaron has chosen:

  • Engineering Exploration
  • Magic Treehouse (This will be his first class that requires homework. They have to read one MTH book a week at home.)
  • Junior Lego Building Club
  • Music and Me
  • Creepy, Crawly Bugs

Also, they both want to go back to OMSI labs once a month, which will be much easier now that we will not be going on Thursday. So OMSI will just be our field trip for those days and will end with the lab.  Before, I could not get from VH to OMSI fast enough and we were dead tired when we did make it.

So many good classes, such a hard choice. We will be losing Discoverers this year, and Aaron really wanted to do Messy Garage. I compromised with him (he wanted to go Wednesday and Naim and I wanted Tuesday) by saying that I would buy him a glue gun and he could do Messy Garage at home. When Avery is older and out of the Goddard ECSPED stage of things, I can give them a lot more freedom to pick and choose what they want, but now it is limited by scheduling. And will always be somewhat limited by money. With all these classes, it will be costing me about $360 per term with my financial aid award, which isn’t too bad. When Avery starts, we will loose Goddard expenses, but will gain expenses there. Still, by FAR and AWAY cheaper than private school.