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June 1, 2012

Avery did not go to Goddard and I had to deal with that as I talked about in the previous post. School for big kids was cut short because of that.

  • Finished “Late Night at the Zoo” and did activities in the back of book
  • Finished practice book for Lessons 5.1 – 5.2 in Calvert Math
  • Sylvan, Aaron worked on Animal words in Sight words book. Naim did short e in Sylvan
  • Word Time
  • HWT was d

May 21, 2012

Avery started crying the second I called for him to come down to leave for school. He was ok when we walked there, then cried when we got there, then stopped fairly soon after (I stay out in the hallway until he stops.)  When I went to pick him up, she seemed all happy with how he did and that he played with the other kids. He had a few check marks on the report. Do they read this blog and act accordingly? Hmmm. Well, I’m on two tracks. One is working on hiring someone new (have a possible person already.) And the other is to keep him there. We have conferences on Fri, even if a bit early, I’m curious to see how that goes.

Big kids:

  • Read “Late Night at the Zoo” and did worksheets.
  • Made designs with the Montessori geometric shape stencils and did 5.2 and 5.3 in book. More plane polygons. Did not get to the practice book today because we spent a lot of time with the montessori stuff, including looking up the names of shapes on the internet. (ellipse vs. oval and circlinear triangles, etc.)
  • Sylvan, Aaron finished color words and finished the whole K spelling box finally. Naim did short e words.
  • HOP, Naim did the DVD and reading of his lesson 12 -im words. Aaron did same in HIS lesson 12 cr- and pr- words.  We listened to some of the HOP songs about short a and e. Also listened to HWT “Magic C rap’ at Aaron’s request.
  • Word Time was TUNE and MUSIC
  • HWT was a
  • Got Little Passports FRANCE mail and went through it, looked at map of France, etc.

Have started working with Avery on iPad and talking cards. he is interested and with prompting and modeling, will select “apple” to get apple, etc.  I have high hopes for this since he seems to get it and is motivated by the iPad. I emailed Kathy about it, so we shall see.

May 18, 2012

Its SuperMan’s Crystal Palace gone dark side? No, its iron filings magnified.

The same filings not magnified.

Aaron with his home made magna doodle that he taught how to dance.

Goddard School.

Fuck Goddard School. Avery’s apprehension about going is getting worse, not better. He was hesitant to leave the house and then cried big fat wailing time when we got there. I stayed in the hall way after we left to see the duration of the crying and it went on longer than it does usually at Church nursery or at 24 hour fitness where it usually is just some whimpering and then it stops the second I leave and he goes off and plays. The little activity reports they give never have any participation checkmarks for him. I think since he is generally easy to play with himself and ignore, that is what happens. He came home with what appears to be fingernail scratches on the back of his neck and a skinned knee. The skinned knee doesn’t phase me because he probably just fell. The fingernail scratches (along with biting) is very typical of the childcare setting when the ratio is too high. Of course kids will do this and one time is no big deal, but it is kind of like, a typical sign you look for. Who wants to be pinched and bit all the time in childcare?

This was a bad parenting decision on my part, I think, and I have just about decided to pull him out. I have to give 30 days notice, though. I pay those fuckers $13.75 an hour–for this? (I don’t think Goddard School is any better or worse than any other corporate daycare setting like Kindercare, Learning Years, etc. I think it is a bad rap all the way around.) I can hire someone for that money to come in to my house and make him lunch and do the damned dishes, too. Plus with a bit of training I could probably train them to do speech therapy with him and even TAKE him to therapy. I’m already on sitter city about it and then I might place an ad on the homeschooling boards as well. I can’t see him going to Goddard past June at this rate. This is bullshit.

Still like the schedule as far as big kids and I am concerned. But it is too much to sacrifice for Avery to get no attention and go somewhere he doesn’t like. He was supposed to get MORE attention than I can give him. I must have had a brain fart to think that would happen there.

Big kids:

  • Read Usborne First Reader Book 10. “Late Night at the Zoo.” Talked about silent e words.
  • Did Lesson 5.1 in Calvert Math. Started Geometry. Plane shapes today.
  • Aaron did half of color word assignment in Sylvan and ten spelling words.
  • Naim did 2 pages of short a words in Sylvan
  • Naim went back and did a Lesson we somehow missed part of in HOP. -ig words. He read “The Pig.”
  • Aaron did the worksheet part of lesson 11 in HOP, fr- words and br- words.
  • Word Time (SAD LIVELY)
  • HWT: lower case t.
  • Science Finished magic school bus magnetism unit. Made magnetic fields with iron filings (well, made them visible. We didn’t actually MAKE magnetic fields : ) Also made homemade magna doodles.

Back to Avery. Downloaded an AAC app on my iPad which is a bit easier than Proloquo2go. Might start with that. Will email SPL about it.

A new feature: A short video!

May 11, 2012


  • Off to Goddard. He grabbed on to me the second I got there and was crying when I left. Very sad. I do not want to do this every time, so hopefully he will relax a bit about me going.
  • Talked to them about diapers, they said they are required to change every two hours, but can skip two. so They did that.
  • What the “report” says: Read Little Miss Spider, matched shapes to names, play dough, danced, hopped like grasshopper, watered garden, cover mouth when coughing, mandarin CD rom. The participation box for Avery was not checked for anything…so who knows. It says he enjoyed coloring. He did scribble a small art project thing for “mothers day.”
  • Mixed feelings, but I really like the rhythm of the day with big kids when he is there. It allows me to get so much done. I’ll give it a bit longer and see if there is improvement.
  • He has seemed a bit more aggressive since he started going there, especially when he just gets home. We had some outside in the backyard time when he got home which seemed to relax him. I can’t yet say it has anything to do with Goddard, yet, though.

Big Kids:

  • Read Usborne Book 9: Run, Rabbit, Run for second time and did activities in back of book.
  • Working out of the Moonjar curriculum, we read “Noom and Raj Start a Business” about kids who set up a lemonade stand and budget and see how much they need to make and sell for. We talked about starting our own business and they want to grow and sell fruit like watermelon and peaches. I told them we could go to a nursery and see what is involved in growing peach trees and watermelon vines, vs. buying in bulk and reselling. I found a small nursery on TV highway, so maybe that can be next week field trip. We gathered up the probably costs of a fruit/lemonade stand and did some research online to check costs of napkins, cups, etc.
  • Sylvan…Naim did 4 pgs. of ending sounds. Aaron did two pages of sight words. (Big, Little, Pretty, Long…I can’t remember what else.) Aaron did ten spelling words and is near the end of the box.
  • Aaron did the worksheet pages for Lesson 10, gr- and pl- words in HOP.
  • Naim reviewed -ip words in the flip book, did the corresponding pages in the bonus workbook and re-read the story Kit and Pip in HOP.
  • Word Time: SPORTS and BASEBALL
  • HWT: lower-case v.
  • Played outside in backyard water table with Avery.
  • Magic Schoolbus Magnetic experiment where we made a compass and used it to get out of a pretend forest.
  • Watched BrainPop on Nanotechnology.

Want to get Magic Schoolbus books and videos to go along with lessons, but don’t want to pay for them, so need to remember to check out at library. We now have time to do an afternoon activity while Avery is napping, so hope to expand more into science, social studies and special projects.

Grampa Fred Visit

We have been sick (Avery, Aaron and I) since Grampa Fred left, and so have missed days at VH. But we did get a bit of school in on Avery’s first day by himself at Goddard Monday. We did:

  • Usborne Book 9: Run Rabbit Run and word bank
  • Sylvan and sylvan spelling
  • HOP Lessons for each kid (gr- and pl- for Aaron and -ip) for Naim. DVD, book and story in book.
  • Word Time
  • Handwriting lower-case s.

Other things we did with Grampa Fred:

  • OOTW Pizza
  • They went to Noodles, and McDonalds like, twice each! Went to mall to get soccer shoes for Naim.
  • Outdoors In
  • Made helicopters
  • Watched a ton of TV.
  • Went to Target to get clothes
  • Went to Church (with Fred! that was Naim’s doing, not mine)
  • Went to Glowing Greens to play mini golf
  • Went to the dog park
  • Went to 53rd street park and played soccer a bit

Here is a link to Fred’s pics and I will add a few more.

April 30, 2012

I’m going to try to do kind of a before dinner quick post time so I don’t forget. And I’m just going to date the titles. I can’t keep track of all the numbers!

  • Read Usborne First Reader Book 8: Moon Zoom and reviewed word bank.
  • Read “A Chair for My Mother” as part of this week’s money unit I decided to do (not from Calvert Math). It is from Moonjar and talks about setting goals and budgets, etc. Starting a business. Today we reviewed coins and dollars and talked about wants vs. needs. Did a worksheet where we identified needs. I think this unit will last three or four days. We need some learning about money that goes beyond what coin is what.
  • Sylvan books: Naim did qu- sounds and -ck sounds. Also matching beginning and ending letters.
  • Sylvan: Aaron’s sight words were find, come, run (is run really a sight word?), see, and I forget. Did about four pages each in any case. Aaron also did ten spelling words.
  • Aaron finished the review for Unit 2 in HOP. Read review words, Read “Lucky for Me” and did video game.
  • Naim finished his unit 2 also in HOP. He read the review words, read “The Kit” and did the video game. We are now officially venturing into new territory with him and hope to finish the book. (about 1/3 left.) Each Unit will take longer with him, I think. I plan to do a day on the DVD and book, A day on the worksheets and read story from book again. And a day on the supplemental book and read some other corresponding phonics reader (Bob Books, etc.) I guess it is three days instead of two, and then we will see where we are.
  • Word Time was THROW CATCH
  • HWT was lowercase o.
  • Avery and I read a few books this morning while he was cribbing, but he is still recovering from illness today and has been sleeping all afternoon.

2012: 19 (Approximately)

  • Read Usborne book 7 “Stop That Cow!” and read through word bank words.
  • Math Ch. 4.1  subtraction and practice pages.
  • Sylvan Zz for Naim, Aaron did -ug words, spelling words.
  • Word Time (ROAD BRIDGE)
  • Handwriting Ss
  • Magic Schoolbus Science Magnetism Experiments 4-5.