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VH Week 3: Tuesday

I went to the new Head Start with Danielle and Avery for two hours today. The class was ok. Avery was perfectly happy there. The teacher at first seemed kind of cold but she grew on me. The deal about that fucking walk, though… Ugh! The distance is not bad, about a kilometer, mostly walking around the county jail. But the last third of it is off and on walking on a busy road with no sidewalks. There is a bike lane, but still. On the way there I ran into (not literally) a semi that was baking out and did not see me, he had his beeping thing, but I just had to stand there in the rain because I know he did n’t see me and it took him forever to back out. Then on the way back, a truck went by and splashed a bunch of water on me. We were entirely soaked on the way there. I went it dripping and made a puddle with the stroller. They just don’t get it because  there is a bus stop right in front, but if we do that, it takes 25 extra minutes to go a kilometer, AND you cannot get to the other side going back because there is not a corresponding bus stop the other direction. You have to go back on the same sidewalk and walk a block to the south, by that time, you might as well walk. I just don’t see Nik and Sully and Avery in the stroller doing this safely…not even too safe for me or normal people. The bike lanes have ditches in some places that today were just flooded with water, it is a busy street in sort of an industrial area. I ‘d totally do it if they bussed, but since not, I don’t see it happening. It made me pissy, because I think he would really like it there.

Big kids did math playground, bookworms and science/legos. I heard about math a bit from Nik, who thought it was cool and wants to stay and play with stuff. Bookworms was about farming and agriculture. Science they made some kind of goo again, and made some thing that looked sort of like tie-dye placemat with “chemicals” says Naim. Aaron said he made a pirate ship in Legos.

They got their first “Little Passports” package today in the mail, which introduces the units about world travel. We read the letter and they got online and did the games which were focused on continental geography.

Tomorrow’s Field trip is going to be going to see Magic School Bus live downtown at the Newmark Theatre. We got tickets at the last minute from someone who couldn’t go.

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