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October 16, 2012

Naim wanted me to take a picture of his 2s chart.

VH Day

Naim had math playground, drama and interact theater. Aaron had engineering in which he made a small catapult out of craft sticks, binder clips and a spoon. Apparently this lead later to raisins being shot across the interact classroom, which scandalized Naim. Aaron did say that he picked them up and we did have a big talk about how Naim agreed to let him share the class with him so he needs to be respectful of that. Naim and I talked about how Aaron’s behavior is Aaron’s responsibility and Hillary and I will work with him on it, he does not have to worry about it. Hillary did not say anything to me, so either she handled it or we just didn’t cross paths.

Avery and I played in the playroom, went to Library story time where the theme was opposites and he did a craft, and briefly played at the park.

I started Tuesday/Wednesday homework.

  • Naim did Sylvan 4 pp., a practice page of numbers and worked with the hundreds board on skip counting with 2s.
  • Aaron did not have his new Sylvan book yet (came the next day) so he just did the ¬†numbers practice and the hundreds board.

Naim had soccer.

October 2, 2012

Aaron with his walk on water shoe next to the wading pool. He carried that thing all the way home like a sail, which slowed him down even more than usual. Rather than Pluto, I think he became an exoplanet.

VH day.

Aaron made “walk on water shoes” in engineering. They even tried them out in a small wading pool. I now have this huge thing in my office. Legos was Legos. But the best news is that I solved my Aaron scheduling mini crisis. Because Hillary is an awesome teacher. THANK YOU, HILLARY! It was going to be a major pain in the butt to have to come get him at 11:45 and then come get Naim at 1:00. It sort of screwed up Avery and my whole morning. So, I gave him a choice of Ukelele jam session or Naim’s drama class to check out today to see if either of those would work for him. I thought he would be way too young and ameteur for ukelele, and he doesn’t want to be in plays, so yeah. But he chose Hillary’s class. And she took him even though he really doesn’t want to perform and she has already cast al the parts. (Which actually doesn’t matter so much for him.) He is going to just sing the songs in the chorus. I think it will still be good for him to get the content out of the plays and stuff, which is sort of the whole point. He was very happy when he came out and said he had fun. It sort of goes to show that sometimes comfortable-ness with the teacher/group goes further than content. I have nothing against the art teacher (don’t even know her) but Hillary was a former PS teacher. And it isn’t so much that I think PS teachers are automatically better than non-trained teachers. It is more that when you work in public schools, you work with the kids you get no matter what. You don’t go calling the parents to remove them at the first sign of trouble. This gives you mad skills to work with kids that are a little harder to deal with and you don’t even think of kicking them out. I’m not blaming the teachers that have kicked Aaron out for kicking him out, because he is totally frustrating. But the classes he has had a lot of success with is when the teacher has a lot of teaching experience and has worked with him a little bit in the beginning to get over his hump or whatever it is. It seems like he always has to start a new class with a blow-up, and then if the teacher is willing to deal with him, he does fine after that. I think the art class was way too structure and advanced for him, so I did not even give that teacher a chance. But if he had really wanted to stay in that class, I would have worked with her and him on it and I predict that in a week or two, he would have been fine.

Naim had math, drama and theater as well. He said theater went well and it was OK for Aaron to be in the class.

Avery and I had a diaper emergency. I put 6 diapers in the bag last week and only used one. That many will usually last me for two weeks. We only went to church and today, he pooped and NO DIAPERS! What? Nik denies knowing what happened to them. I suspect he dropped them at church or something without knowing it. I have no idea. Anyway, everyone in the playroom at the time had tiny babies…so I walked a fucking mile with a poopy kid to a 7 11. No diapers. I walked a bit further and found a mom and pop store. Victory. One size too small, but will work for today. Thank you, Allen Street Market. (Nik also got me in trouble by packing nut products in their lunch. I think work has him losing his mind.)

So Avery and I missed pretty much our park and library time running around to find diapers and getting back to deal with Aaron’s schedule. This afternoon we did a felt board scarecrow poem, a pumpkin vine tracing activity, and a scarecrow puzzle from Buttercups.

Naim had soccer tonight as well.

September 25, 2012

VH Day.

Avery and I played for an hour, then went to the library for story time where the theme was frogs and counting. He made a frog picture and we read a book about trains after. Had lunch and then time to get big kids. Did not have much outside time.

Naim had math playground and drama and drama. The Westward Expansion Play looks a bit intricate. He plays Daniel Boone and the script is thick! Though it does include song lyrics. He is supposed to be listening to the songs (on CD) and practicing lines now that we have them.

Aaron made a “leonardo” bridge with his class in engineering outside. It looked kind of cool in the handout instructions. I wish I would have gotten to see it finished. He had legos with Stockton now, so that made him happy. Then he got kicked out of art class, for having a meltdown. Which pissed me off. I’m not mad at the teacher, and to an extent I’m not even mad at him. OK, I’m a little mad at him. But now I have to fill that time for him from 12-1, which sort of screws up my Avery schedule and when is that kid going to grow up?

I’m honestly looking into Village Free School for him for one or two days a week instead of VH. Nik would have to take him probably. It is about ten minutes from his work. It is tuition based, but I would have to see how it compares to VH. I’m just sick of fighting him on the free spirit thing. It is only going to get more structured and demanding at VH. I don’t know if Village Free School is right for him or not, but think it might be worth checking out. It won’t be for this year, maybe next year, or maybe when he is old enough that he could go to work with Nik and then take the last ten minute bus ride himself. I don’t know. He has oodles of talent and brains, but can’t seem to get it together for classes and I’m sick of this constant problem where all the teachers want to kick him out because he meltsdown at the slightest provocation or challenge.

I might see when their next open house is and just start investigating. We so need to live closer in.

Also, Naim had soccer practice.

September 18, 2012

Avery’s playtime!

Big kids VH schedule is all straightened out after our disaster last week. I think we will be happy now.

Avery and I played in the playroom for about an hour, went to library story time, ate lunch and played on the playground at the park. So we pretty much have a whole preschool of a day there. Avery made a shape picture in storytime.

Naim had Math Playground, Drama, and Interactive Drama. In that one, he has homework. He has a CD and has to learn 5 songs. It is a musical about Westward Expansion.

Aaron had Engineering, where he took apart a doorknob, a keyboard and watched a lawnmower engine being taken apart. He then had Legos and Art. I saw his art project from last week hanging on the hallway wall. It was his hand, all decorated with rings.

Naim had soccer practice tonight.

September 11, 2012

At math playground with Stockton.

More with Naim and Stockton at Math Playground.

Avery returns to the VH playroom.

Village Home Day.

And we didn’t make it through the day, because of, well, Avery.

Naim had Math Playground, Drama, and Interactive Drama.

Aaron had Engineers, Legos, and Art

They did not make it to the Music class, nor Aaron’s creepy, crawly class nor Naim’s Fun Sports class. (The last two classes of the day.) Avery was just being an ultimate Monster and he was not going to make it. I felt bad, but to sit there for longer was just going to kill us all.

We need to do some rethinking for next week.

Naim had soccer practice after that.

May 15, 2012

Kids went to VH. Math Playground was something about going outside and standing in a circle in human knots and unknotting themselves. Book worms was about Mexico, I think. Science seemed to be about layers of the earth and they made some concoction to represent the layers. Aaron made bionicles in Legos.

Avery and I played the first hour and read one of the Ladybug bookshelf books on the iPad. We then went to the library for story time which was all things cat. Avery played with a glue stick and kinda sorta glued cats on a piece of paper. Also got librarian to help me find books for everyone. Aaron was ancient Egypt, Naim was Magic Schoolbus, and Avery was some board books. Took Avery to park and the fountain was on, played on playground etc. Went back and had lunch. I really do have my own Avery preschool going on those days. For FREE!

Cat craft at Library Toddler Storytime.

Morning at VH. Alone with cars is the best thing evan!

May 1, 2010

Eating Oranges at Ava’s

Something’s funny…

…and even funnier.

Village Home day. There was skeleton stuff in Science, counting/charting dinosaurs types and heights, etc. Math seems to have been dealing with numbers in the 1000s, ten thousands, 100 thousands, etc.

Avery and I hung out mostly in the playroom and a brief trip to Ava’s where he had snack and I had coffee. He also pointed to body parts on a stuffed dog when I would ask him where they were. That is a first for that.

Grampa Fred came in the Evening so we tracked the plane in the afternoon and looked at the states it went through and how many miles across each state was.

We went to Noodles for dinner and the grocery store. We saw D’s mother at Noodles. I hadn’t seen her in 7 years. ¬†She acted like I was her long-lost friend, so that was a little weird, but I guess I have to give her credit for coming over. I only bring this up here because I noticed that big kids knew it was odd and weren’t even sure who she was at first, but followed my lead and acted as if they knew her and were happy to see her, too (then asked me who she was later. I think they knew she was a familiar person, but weren’t sure who.) I guess this is significant because they are taking on social cues to make things easier in public for others.