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May 15, 2012

Kids went to VH. Math Playground was something about going outside and standing in a circle in human knots and unknotting themselves. Book worms was about Mexico, I think. Science seemed to be about layers of the earth and they made some concoction to represent the layers. Aaron made bionicles in Legos.

Avery and I played the first hour and read one of the Ladybug bookshelf books on the iPad. We then went to the library for story time which was all things cat. Avery played with a glue stick and kinda sorta glued cats on a piece of paper. Also got librarian to help me find books for everyone. Aaron was ancient Egypt, Naim was Magic Schoolbus, and Avery was some board books. Took Avery to park and the fountain was on, played on playground etc. Went back and had lunch. I really do have my own Avery preschool going on those days. For FREE!

Cat craft at Library Toddler Storytime.

Morning at VH. Alone with cars is the best thing evan!

May 1, 2010

Eating Oranges at Ava’s

Something’s funny…

…and even funnier.

Village Home day. There was skeleton stuff in Science, counting/charting dinosaurs types and heights, etc. Math seems to have been dealing with numbers in the 1000s, ten thousands, 100 thousands, etc.

Avery and I hung out mostly in the playroom and a brief trip to Ava’s where he had snack and I had coffee. He also pointed to body parts on a stuffed dog when I would ask him where they were. That is a first for that.

Grampa Fred came in the Evening so we tracked the plane in the afternoon and looked at the states it went through and how many miles across each state was.

We went to Noodles for dinner and the grocery store. We saw D’s mother at Noodles. I hadn’t seen her in 7 years.  She acted like I was her long-lost friend, so that was a little weird, but I guess I have to give her credit for coming over. I only bring this up here because I noticed that big kids knew it was odd and weren’t even sure who she was at first, but followed my lead and acted as if they knew her and were happy to see her, too (then asked me who she was later. I think they knew she was a familiar person, but weren’t sure who.) I guess this is significant because they are taking on social cues to make things easier in public for others.

VH: Spring Week 1: Tuesday

Kids were back in VH for Spring Term. Maya (of Jenn Crowell fame) joined them this term. So that’s cool, another homeschooler!

Lets see what info I have from teachers:

Math Playground: Spring Week 1

Today we explored doubling, counting by 2s as well as other mathematical thinking by:
– Reading Minnie’s Diner (by Dobbs)
– Scooping “ice cream balls” and then doubling the serving
– Using pennies in 10-frames to practice doubling the numbers 6-9
– Counting pairs of leaves
– Creating mirror images of a collection of objects
– Solving a word problem using powers of 2
– Dividing 9 Easter eggs into groups of 2, 3 and 4
– Playing Old Maid (actually, Buzz LIghtyear)
– Solving picture graph puzzles, and
– Using bean-sticks to add 3 2-digit numbers

I’m not sure what happened in bookworms.

I went to Legos with Aaron for just a few minutes and Avery just went crazy running around that room. He really wants to go to school. I wish I could find him something.

Avery and I went to the library and when we got back to get Naim, he had a paper plate full of a “cell” complete with toothpicks and cell part labels on the end. Cell wall was a pita bread, cookie was the nucloutide. I think fruit leather was the endoplasmic reticulum. I think marshmallows were golgi apparatus, I forget what else, but I wish I would have taken a picture. I had to make him eat it before we got on the max. It was pretty cool. He also had a labeled picture of a cell as well.

Avery running around in the room where Aaron has Legos and also another class does PE type of things.

Avery in the library.


VH: Week 6 Tuesday/Head Start

Math Playground notes for the last two weeks:

Two weeks ago we explored probability and estimating by:
– Reading Probably Pistachio by Stuart Murphy
– Taking turns using the “shake and peek” box to sample whether we found red or yellow blocks, then, based on the class samples, guessing whether there were more red or yellow blocks in the box
– Tossing a penny and recording heads and tails
– Bouncing a ping-pong ball into colored lids to measure how often it landed in each color
– Comparing quantities and determining which container had more and which had less

Last week we explored tally marks and counting by 5s and 10s by:
– Reading the Shel Silverstein poem “Band-Aids” and tallying how many band-aids the author had
– Adding 2-digit numbers using 10s and 1s (beads and bead strings)
– Putting “tally mark toothpicks” in order from 1 to 10
– Playing a variety of games to practice memory, visual processing, strategic thinking and quickly assessing “more” or “less”

This week we’ll celebrate Valentines Day by exploring geometry.

I saw the last few minutes of Bookworms, where it seemed they were doing something about castles and knights and jesters, and royalty, etc. They made a book about the different roles of people in the castle, and septors.

Spent a bit of time in Legos with Aaron. Then went to science with Naim where it was about the heart and circulation. They made this “heart” that was made of a tortilla, red jelly and licorice for the oxygenated blood and blue jelly and blueberries for the unoxygenated blood. It was kind of cool. They ran back and forth carrying water between two bowls to emulate circulation.

I let them get Valentines treats from a bake sale and they also got lots of valentines from people, although officially their “party” isn’t until thurs. in Discoverers.

I went to check out 24 hour fitness as a place for Avery and I to go since I have to take him with me now. They have a good daycare deal. $10 for unlimited visits per month. And Coscto has a good membership deal for $13 a month. So it is a bit sad, but I think it will be goodbye HFAC that I’m paying an arm and a leg for plus childcare. And at 24 hour fitness, I can go to multiple locations, so even Nik can go downtown after work. I don’t know that this means we are staying, but even if we leave, we will have this paid off in six months (as compared to HFAC) so it is really a no lose situation. 24 hour is not as nice as HFAC, but I think my little bike riding/yoga taking/lap swimming butt can manage to exercise with the plebes without too much sacrifice. I just have to remember to bring my own shampoo and towel. Hopefully, Avery will like the childcare. It looks pretty nice. Lots of things to climb on.

Avery went to Head Start with Nik today. Probably one of the last times he gets to take him. They did Dental check up again and he did well and likes the place and knows the routine. I haven’t said anything to Nik about the supervisor there. I think she is JUST AWFUL and condescending. I wanted to see what he thought of her without my influence. He met her today and had the exact same reaction. I guess she came over and just gushed over him. Funny. But the regular two teachers are nice there and not condescending at all. So it is more funny than anything else. He took some stealth pictures. I will not put up any pics of other children or their mothers, but lets see if there are a few of just Avery…

He always looks so somber in pictures. He actually laughs all the time...at home anyway.

A bit of a stealth scene of the room with no kids.

To be fair, head start is what forced us to get Avery off the sippy cup. He does well with it.

Another view of the room. Those chairs are TINY and we eat lunch while hugging our knees.

Avery very much enjoys his lunch and is learning to put his own dishes away, with varying amounts of success.

More views of the room with no kids. There is an outside area, too. But they didn't go outside today because of the dentist stuff.

VH: Week 5 Tuesday

Kids had math playground, where apparently they did “stuff with cards.”

Bookworms was some books about tropical islands and the teachers brother came to talk to them. He apparently just got back from the Peace Corps. They also made leis. Of wish I am wearing one right now. It is made out of elastic and pieces of straw and beads.  It is oh-so-comfortable!

Naim made a picture of a robot he was very happy with in science and also they made “moon stone” which looks very much to me like a glob of plaster of paris. But all was good and they had fun.

I had Nik talk to the other teachers about Aaron’s behavior, and seems to all be ok, except some say he chooses not to participate sometimes and he does so without bugging everyone. So, there you go…don’t know what to make of that, except that the more you push him, the bigger crisis you are going to have. Sometimes you’ve got to wade your way through it anyway. He chose to take Measure for Treasure, so I’m not feeling too sorry for him. And some teachers are not going to dazzle you but you have to be a civil human being anyway. It still makes me think that he is playing her.

Legos seems to be not the same draw that it used to be, so don’t hear much anymore. He wants to take science with Naim instead but I think it is wait listed. Naim happens to be in the same room all Tuesday for all three of his classes. He says, “The teachers come to ME.”

In Avery news, got IFSP copy yesterday in the mail. Jean is trying to blow me off but I’m not letting her. Got authorization for speech today, so will set up appointment for that.

VH Week 4: Tuesday/Head Start

Avery waiting for the Head Start bus

Tried to sneak a pic of Avery on the bus, but he is just looking at me like I'm nuts.

Avery and I went to Head Start on-site. It was all ok until the last hour when he turned into a little monster, but that is also the time when they demand you do a million things with your kid, but not before waiting around in line for each thing. So, you come in from outside, stand in line to wash your hands. Sit down for lunch, wait for each person to pass around food. Eat. Wait for people to be finished. Gather up your dishes, Wait for people in front of you to dump their dishes. Dump your dishes and trash, wait to use the bathroom. Use the bathroom, wait in line to get your toothbrush and little cup of allotted toothpaste, get it. Wait in line for the sink. Brush teeth, wash hands, clean up. Start playing, just when you start playing it is circle time. Pick up toys, start circle time. Wait for everyone to be seated, sing a song. Wait for the next song and all the spanish translations therein. Wait for the bus.

So, I get that this is basically “Wait In Line” training to prepare you for “Wait In Line Training” in Preschool Head Start, which prepares you for more “Wait In Line” training for K and first grade, where we finally get into “Advanced Queuing.” But he was not having it today. I mean, I know he looks three and a half, but he just turned 2. That is a hard hour for him when all he wants to do is play with trucks. He dumped his water, he dropped his plate, he shoved his hands in the silverware bucket, he kept going over to the sink and turning on water. He was PISSED OFF about circle time, and then he slept all the way home. He did not sleep on the way there like he usually does, he talked and sang all the way. So maybe it helps when he has the bus nap.

Big kids spent the afternoon with D, so I did not hear much about school at Village today, but here is the stuff the teachers sent:

Oh it looks like Math Playground covers the last two weeks:

Two weeks ago we explored money and coin values and practiced counting by 5s and 10s, by:
– Reading the poem “Smart” by Shel Silverstein
– Converting dimes into the equivalent amount of nickels
– Putting together coin value puzzles
– Playing bank
– Putting mutliples of 5 in order
– Exploring a money-related activity book

Last week we explored addition and subtraction by:
– Reading and acting out Five Little Monkeys Go Shopping (Christelow)
– Matching number sentences with pictoral representations
– Moving forward and backward on numbered “lily pads”
– Exploring subtraction with flip cards
– Using the monkey balance to build equivalent number sentences, and
– Fishing for answers to number sentences.

This coming week we’ll be exploring probability


They are small, some can fly, some have a lot of legs, and they can be found just about anywhere in the world. What are they? They’re bugs! This week we will learn about different kinds of bugs, what bugs look like, what they eat, and more.

Aaron did make a picture of a pink preying mantis that he is very proud of. I’d scan it…if my scanner worked.

Gooey Science:

10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, BLAST OFF!

This week and next, we will be heading to outer space. This week, we will be learning about the phases of the moon, different types of galaxies, and making an astrolabe.

Tomorrow was supposed to be OMSI day, but D convinced me to wait until next week so he could go. So, now I have to come up with something for tomorrow or have homeschool and go somewhere Friday. We’ll see about the weather, etc.

VH Week 3: Tuesday

I went to the new Head Start with Danielle and Avery for two hours today. The class was ok. Avery was perfectly happy there. The teacher at first seemed kind of cold but she grew on me. The deal about that fucking walk, though… Ugh! The distance is not bad, about a kilometer, mostly walking around the county jail. But the last third of it is off and on walking on a busy road with no sidewalks. There is a bike lane, but still. On the way there I ran into (not literally) a semi that was baking out and did not see me, he had his beeping thing, but I just had to stand there in the rain because I know he did n’t see me and it took him forever to back out. Then on the way back, a truck went by and splashed a bunch of water on me. We were entirely soaked on the way there. I went it dripping and made a puddle with the stroller. They just don’t get it because  there is a bus stop right in front, but if we do that, it takes 25 extra minutes to go a kilometer, AND you cannot get to the other side going back because there is not a corresponding bus stop the other direction. You have to go back on the same sidewalk and walk a block to the south, by that time, you might as well walk. I just don’t see Nik and Sully and Avery in the stroller doing this safely…not even too safe for me or normal people. The bike lanes have ditches in some places that today were just flooded with water, it is a busy street in sort of an industrial area. I ‘d totally do it if they bussed, but since not, I don’t see it happening. It made me pissy, because I think he would really like it there.

Big kids did math playground, bookworms and science/legos. I heard about math a bit from Nik, who thought it was cool and wants to stay and play with stuff. Bookworms was about farming and agriculture. Science they made some kind of goo again, and made some thing that looked sort of like tie-dye placemat with “chemicals” says Naim. Aaron said he made a pirate ship in Legos.

They got their first “Little Passports” package today in the mail, which introduces the units about world travel. We read the letter and they got online and did the games which were focused on continental geography.

Tomorrow’s Field trip is going to be going to see Magic School Bus live downtown at the Newmark Theatre. We got tickets at the last minute from someone who couldn’t go.