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    January 2012
    M T W T F S S
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    Avery, Naim, Aaron

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2012: 5

Quickly, because I have so much damned laundry:

  • Read Usborne Book 3: A Bus for Miss Moss, went through the WordBank letters before-hand.
  • Math, did end of ch. 1 reviews and test. Having them BE QUIET during the test was the hardest. But they did good. They both got one wrong, each time it was a stupid, not checking their work mistake. Good to not depend on me to tell them when they need to look at something again. So, I think testing is good for them every once in a while. Also did a bar graph activity and a little throw a cup and see which way it lands thing where they had to make a hypothesis and then make tally marks, add up the tallies, check their work against how many times they tossed the cup, and see if their hypothesis was correct (it was.)
  • Aaron did Sylvan Spelling words, first part of Sylvan Lesson 11 -ip words, HOP worksheets for Lesson 3.
  • Naim did Sylvan letter Mm, -ag words with flip book and flash cards, and -ag words in bonus workbook.
  • Word Time (ROW STEER)
  • Handwriting was Uu, also listened to vowel song and discussed vowels. Aaron can list them, Naim cannot yet. We then tried to talk without using vowels.

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