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July 23, 2013

Avery went to ECSE. No news there except that no one put that Avery rides the bus in his IEP so I have to sign a revision. Hope to talk to her one more time before end of summer.

Big kids:

  • Practice book for MIF, Ch. 14 Lesson 1. They did ok with this after the Oral Hull break.
  • Both did Sylvan. Aaron finished his Vocab book. I am thinking about starting to add grammar for Third grade.
  • Aaron did Lesson 7 DVD in HOP
  • Naim did Lesson 2 review and worksheets for HOP
  • Aaron did 2pp. HWT
  • Naim did Worksheets and book for Rr in ZB

Erika came to visit Naim and they took a walk. She suggested he take time away from Aaron at the park. I said this would be fine and I told him he could go to the park by himself before, but he is too scared to go. This time, he decided to try it and I gave him a timer for an hour and he spent an hour down there. I also thought about letting him go to D’s apartment by himself sometimes, too, as it sits empty. But I need to go with him once and make sure he can unlock and lock back up and also lay a few ground rules for what he can do there and cleaning up, etc. He needs some alone time.

2012: 6

First of all, Avery is making leaps and bounds improvements in receptive communication. There is so much now that he demonstrates that he understands. Much of it is procedural stuff that relates to him, like bedtime routines and changing diapers and stuff, but putting him on a strict routine for everything like that to give him context around language has really helped a lot. He will follow simple instructions (“Get your milk.”) And anticipate what is next, (“Avery, go change diapers and then come back down and sit with me.” gets a much better response than go change your diapers.) It took some training with Nik to say and do the same things consistently and use consistent short, simple phrases, but I think it is obviously working. He is a so much happier child when he knows what is coming next for him, which is a combination of being VERY consistent with both routine and phrases to describe routine.

Big Kids:

  • Read Usborne Book 3: A Bus for Miss Moss again and did the matching workbook page. Aaron again lost his pencil and was not prepared to start work. So I fired him from school and told him that he would have to do it another day when Naim was busy at D’s house or something. He finally crawled out of some rock somewhere with a pencil and begged to do school again. I give a five minute warning before school starts, and this is when they are supposed to make sure they have all their crap together. Sigh.
  • Math, did the first three lessons of chapter 2, which was a #0-10 review, but did not get to the practice book. We will do that next time, which is good because Naim needs more practice writing numbers.
  • Sylvan: Aaron did Lesson 11 -it words, and ten spelling words from the box. Naim did a review of letters E-M.
  • HOP: Aaron did a review of th- words with the flip flap book. Then did lesson 4 which was sn- and sl- words. Read a book called “Slim Slam.” Review of the first unit is next, but we might sit here for a day or two and find some ways to review as he is not quite where I want him with these words. The first grade HOP goes a bit faster and covers more, I think if we review for a day or two, it will be easier to go on.
  • HOP for Naim was -ab words. We did flip flap book and flashcards and two of the bonus workbook pages. My next thought is that we will go back to the book and do those CVC with short a words lessons again and then we will move on to short i, which is where he lost it before. Then, take 3 or 4 days with each lesson on short i instead of the rate Aaron goes which is two days per lesson.
  • Word Time (CALM ROUGH) wrote on chalkboard and also wrote HWT V on chalkboard and did workbook page on V.
  • Naim also watched Zig Zat during the “intermission.” I want to do something a little more fun during intermission when he is done with Zig Zat, like art or science projects, or do a more complex read-aloud book.

Planning on talking to Dwight about Zelandonii sometime this week. Will work out something with my dad when I have a more sure-fire timeline. I was planning on telling D anyway, but he sent me this crap email from a dude the other day bitching about the kids being at his house, when they are his goddamned kids. I was feeling bad about it, but he pulls stuff like this and then I think, yeah. This is the right thing for everyone involved. So, I am ready. We hope to get the citizenship stuff out this week, and we are asking for expedited service. If we get that, and get the house gone through in the next two months, things might move pretty quickly from that point on. But we will see…I see the kids and I finishing the school year here, and we will hopefully be on the move by summer. N could be gone as quickly as March or April. But! Many, many many things on the task list between now and then.

ETA: Aaron went to Costco so Naim and I finally got to try some of the snap circuit experiments in his green energy circuit kit he got for Xmas. We figured out how to charge the battery using the wind-up power, made a fan with wind up power and got the solar panel to work to turn on the light but could not get enough energy for the fan to work. (It recommends to not use compact florescent but that is all we had handy.) It was fun, he kept thinking only DAD could do circuits, but I showed him that I COULD, TOO! So there.

Winding to charge the battery.

Human powered fan.

Trying to figure out the solar power for the fan. I think we just didn't have enough light to get it the voltage is needed.

2012: 5

Quickly, because I have so much damned laundry:

  • Read Usborne Book 3: A Bus for Miss Moss, went through the WordBank letters before-hand.
  • Math, did end of ch. 1 reviews and test. Having them BE QUIET during the test was the hardest. But they did good. They both got one wrong, each time it was a stupid, not checking their work mistake. Good to not depend on me to tell them when they need to look at something again. So, I think testing is good for them every once in a while. Also did a bar graph activity and a little throw a cup and see which way it lands thing where they had to make a hypothesis and then make tally marks, add up the tallies, check their work against how many times they tossed the cup, and see if their hypothesis was correct (it was.)
  • Aaron did Sylvan Spelling words, first part of Sylvan Lesson 11 -ip words, HOP worksheets for Lesson 3.
  • Naim did Sylvan letter Mm, -ag words with flip book and flash cards, and -ag words in bonus workbook.
  • Word Time (ROW STEER)
  • Handwriting was Uu, also listened to vowel song and discussed vowels. Aaron can list them, Naim cannot yet. We then tried to talk without using vowels.

2012: 4

Avery and I did a few “Buttercups” things. We tried punching out pics of balls and apples and then sorting and patterning them. That went on for a whole 30 seconds. He did look at some of the pictures for the theme of “good night” one of which had a baby in bed. He got interested in that picture, so then I got out the book, “Good Night, Baby” and read that to him. He actually let me read it to him 3 or 4 times. It’s a MIRACLE! This child who absolutely hates books. It is all photographs of a baby going through a bedtime routine. He even turned the pages correctly one run through. I think he is finally figuring out pictures a bit and showing an interest in them. He may be starting to get that pictures actually represent real things and are not just colors on a page. One picture had a rubber duck exactly like his, I showed it to him and then next time I didn’t. He wouldn’t let me turn the page unless I showed it to him again.

When I think of the first year and a half with this kid, I remember how he was just a dud as a baby. No personality, no excitement, very little laughter and smiles. A lot of whining or just zoning out. Now he is the happiest kid ever. He laughs all day long. I feel like all the bonding we were supposed to do the first year I am catching up with now. He is fun to be around. I don’t know what the long-term effects (if any) of all this will be, but I do think he will learn to talk eventually. I wonder what he is going to say?

Big Kids:

  • Read Usborne Book 2: The Dressing-Up Box and did the activities in the back of the book. That is our final read through of that for now and next time we will start book 4.
  • Math: Did Lessons 6 and 7, which was more Venn Diagramming and patterns. They named patterns ABC, etc. and had to represent them. Next is just a review and then end of chapter test. I might have them do the test like a real test to start getting them in that frame of mind. (Meaning, separate tables, no help, no sharing answers) They can’t go through their entire lives without taking tests or working independently, so it won’t hurt to do it once a chapter.
  • Sylvan: Aaron finished lesson ten about clothing words. He always puts his little Aaron flair into everything. In this, he had a word search of clothing words (pants, dress, hat, etc.) When he circled the word, he turned the circle into that item. The hat circle looked like a hat, the mitten circle had a thumb, the dress circle-which was vertical-was dress shaped. He always figures out how to make his own fun. Naim did Ll.
  • Naim watched Lesson 34 of ZigZat. There are only 6 more lessons and then we will swing around and do ’em again. He also did the HOP bonus book pages on -am words.
  • Aaron did Lesson 3 in HOP, which was wh- words. We need to swing back and do a little review of the th- words. He doesn’t know them well enough yet. I think we will do a flip book review next time. And Ack! I forgot to do spelling with him.
  • Word Time was AIRPLANE and CLOUD. I usually have Aaron read these and then Naim spell them back. Then I have Aaron read the sentences in the teachers manual about the words. We talk about them (whatever comes up…today it was that you really can’t lay on a cloud.) and then they have to use them in a sentence. Sometimes they write them on the chalkboard, too. We are near the end of the book and then the next book is “Sentence School.” All this is from HWT. After that, in about second or third grade, when the bulk of reading instruction is done, we will switch to the Writing Strands series. All this is to say that I am ready for Word Time to be over and move on, it kind of falls under the Classsical Education model of copy work. But it does lead to interesting discussions and the very beginnings of writing concepts.
  • Handwriting was Ll.


2012: 3

We are trying to have Avery go with N to D’s house on homeschool days so we can do it in the morning and get it done and have more time for exploring other stuff like science, etc. Since Avery will start doing preschool 2 days a week likely, I’m not so worried about him sitting at D’s doing nothing. But I also am giving Nik assignments of things to do with him during the down time over there. Avery is getting into helping us clean up. He likes to put things in the washer and sweep and wipe things or basically imitate whatever you are doing. He has the Naim, like to be useful thing going on. He also seems to be repeating some of the words we say to some kind of syllabic approximation. Today, Naim was screaming at me from the bathtub, “LISA!” and then Avery started screaming “LEEE-AAAA!” too. I wait for him all this time to call me mom but maybe he will call me Lisa like Naim does.

I also need to make him an object book where we can pair real items with their pictures. I think he is showing a ever so slight bit of interest in pictures lately. Nik and I went through the Buttercups and Montessori curriculum today to get a bunch of activities for him to take with him. I pulled a bunch from Buttercups for me to do because they are a bit visual. But we found Montessori ones for N. I have six big binders of Early Childhood Montessori activities from birth to age 3. They are divided into six categories and three age groups, infants, toddlers, and twos. Although Avery should technically be in Twos, we had to go way back to the infant book for language stuff. But I would say that he could do most of the activities in Toddlers (12-24 months) in the other domains. (Cognitive, Practical Life, Sensory, Motor, and Social.) Social is probably the other one he is low on, but that is more due to language than anything else. This was nothing new to me, but I think Nik really saw the impact of his language delay when we are going back to the activities for 6-9 month olds.

Naim has been sick this weekend. Yesterday he slept all day and had a fever of 102.7 and a headache. He stayed home while Aa went to D’s house. But he is a bit better today. Fever down in the 100 range now. So, we did have school in the morning, but he got tired out so we finished up in the afternoon. But in general, I think the morning will work well.

So, let’s see, today:

  • Usborne First Readers-Read “Pirate Pat” again and then ¬†“The Dress Up Box.” Went over some of the word bank words and did the worksheet.
  • Math-we finished up the bit of the last lesson we somehow missed, which was some more classifying and Venn diagramming. Then did Lesson 5, which was pattern stuff. Used their punch out attribute blocks today.
  • Sylvan-Aaron did 1/2 of the lesson on clothing words and continued with the spelling word box (about 10 a day). Naim did Kk.
  • Naim watched Lesson 33 of ZigZat.
  • Naim did HOP extra workbook pages on -ad words
  • Aaron did the supplements from HOP which were th- words.
  • Word Time was (BUMPY SMOOTH) I had them copy the words on the HWT chalkboard. Some issues with line spacing there since they only use two lines instead of the three with the dashes in the middle.
  • HWT-K on the chalkboard, K in the workbook, and listened to diagonal song.

Saturday Catch-up

Felt fluish again, so stayed in and tried to catch up on missed Friday schoolwork.

Kids did Word Time: LOUD QUIET

Math, practiced counting backwards from 30. Finished the chapter on counting higher numbers. Kids are excited for next chapter on time and money.

Reading. Aaron read review word list for the first Bob Book in the Level 2: Advanced Beginners box and then read the book “Fun in the Sun.” ¬†Both watched Lesson 27 in ZigZat. Naim did Lesson 27 workbook pages. Singulars and Plurals, read a small put-together-yourself book about body parts. labeled body parts (Aaron did that yesterday! he made sure to tell us.) Played memory game matching body part pictures with labels. (once with me and once with Aaron.) He reads much better than he knows his letters. Its strange. He gets sounding out, he gets context cues. He forgets what a lot of letters look like.

HWT: Did the final end-of-book test and we are finished with Get Set For School! Finally! Now moving on to the next book: Letters and Numbers for Me. Both did OK on test. Aaron got everything right. (Letter identification, drawing letters and numbers, etc.) Naim missed a few letters and numbers. Neither of them did amazingly on the “Draw a Picture of Yourself” thingy. They want lots of detail, and neither kid was very into making much detail on demand.

Avery has been a crap the last couple of days and driving me nuts. Maybe he is a bit sickish, too.

Ruoda was going to come with us to see Junie B. Jones next Wednesday. Then Melanie said she can’t because she has to catch up on school work. I think it is kind of crappy. I already told the kids she was coming and got her a ticket (Although it was Avery’s, so not like a paid extra, but now no one will use it.) My policy is, yeah, you can withhold things from kids sometimes, but not things they’ve already committed to. It is too upsetting to the other kids. But maybe they can play after for a bit. I wonder how much school work she’s got that kid doing a day. Sound pretty hard core.