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VH, Night School, Packing

I went to VH with Avery today. He is getting to like the routine there (except art) and so I think Nik and I are going to have to suck it up and make ourselves keep going. (We were thinking that if he is not getting anything out of it, we would quit, because we both sorta hate having to take him and sing “Wheels on the Bus.” ) He is starting to participate a bit in circle time. He put his finger on his nose when everyone else was doing sort of a sign for cat (whiskers on cheek.) He will put his hand up and stretch during “the old grey cat is waking…” stuff like that. It is not what I would call completely participating, but their are signs of life finally. The weird thing about that is that when he brought him to Little Villagers (as guests) back when he was maybe six months old, he LOVED circle time and was very animated. Then it was like he lost it all and now is just starting to show signs of interest again. I notice the little 20 month-old Jacob a lot for perspective. He is the only one in the class younger than Avery, and doesn’t talk a lot, but his comprehension of what is going on around him seems so much greater than Avery’s. He gets the whole “Squirrel” game and what he is supposed to do. He is not near as spaced-out as Avery seems to be. I’m happy to see Avery taking some kind of notice of circle time stuff, but his actions remind me of a 10 or 11 month old. But it is fine as long as we can build on it. I hope we don’t lose this in a week or two like what often happens with him.

Aaron and Naim had Discoverers which was all good and had show and tell day. Aaron brought Foxy and Naim told about sleeping over at Dad’s house tomorrow. Avery and I peeked in when we were walking the halls during art, they were engaged in stuff at centers. They really love Teacher Bobbi.

Avery and I spent a few minutes in Naim’s drama class before we had to go do community duty. He used Avery as a prop in a game where he was a nanny. Avery was less than cooperative, so he sat on my lap and I was instructed to be invisible. Naim is really comfortable in that class and the teacher is really high energy.

I met a woman who is I guess the helper in Measure for Treasure. She was all impressed with Aaron’s art and building abilities. I said, yeah, that’s all he does. This is what the blog said they did today:

This week we will explore the idea of measuring distance.   We will take a small tour around Village Home and find different ways to measure distance with both standard and non-standard units of measurements.  We will also be able to think about how we used the measurement of quantity last week, and apply quantity to measuring distance and answer questions of “How far”, as well as considering a new way to look at the question, “How Many?”
At home, we had “night school” for a bit after dinner to get the stuff done we won’t have time to do tomorrow because of their sleepover. I will avoid night school in the future if I can help it. It dragged and I could tell they were tired. Anyway, we got this stuff done:
Math: Lesson 129 (more or less time/ longer or shorter time–easy peasy)
Naim: Letter Qq in HOP Letter/Sounds. Lesson 10 in HOP Level 1, which was -it words. Read book “The Kit.”
Aaron: -am words in Sylvan. Lesson 14 in HOP Level 2, which was -eg words.
Read “The Carrot Seed” and “Corduroy.”

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