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    October 2011
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Tuesday VH

Kids had pictures, so Nik took all of them to VH. Avery had a bit of a shitfit, so pics turned out quite interesting. Avery is on about his 7th or 8th day of pure crabbiness. Lots of loose poops today, and he is back on almond milk and no dairy, so hope for improvement.

Math Playground:

Math Playground: Fall Week 6

This week we explored money and coin values by:
– Reading “Alexander, Who Used to be Rich Last Saturday” (Viorst)
– Comparing prices for food items and identifying which was more and which was less
– Counting by 2s when changing dimes to nickels
– Solving puzzles by matching prices and coins
– Examining pennies and placing them on a chart by date
– Examining foreign coins

A fun poem to help remember coin values is:
Five pennies make a nickel,
Two nickels make a dime,
Two dimes and a nickel
Make a quarter every time.


This week we will be learning about China. We will be hearing two stories set in China, labeling a map of China, and designing our own kites.

(Also found about three or four lapbooks in Aaron’s backpack. One on space, one on dinosaurs and one on…weather from “Cloudy with a Chance of Meetballs”. He does do stuff in there!)


Did not hear a lot about what they did, I want to say numbers?

Gooey, Messy Science

This week we will be learning about different aspects of nature starting with landforms. We will be learning about birds and creating a snack for birds. You will be able to take the snack home so you can leave it outside and keep an eye on it, during the week, to see what kinds of birds stop by to enjoy the snack.

Next, we will be learning about different kinds of landforms and what they look like and we will be using the pictures you painted, last week, to create a neat looking landform silhouette.

Legos: Didn’t hear much about Legos. He said he made a…factory machine or something I think.

Kids did not get to go to D’s after school. Came home and I put them to work cleaning house. Naim did a lot to help with bathroom and laundry and vacuumed stairs. Aaron didn’t do much and then came begging to help “spray.” ¬†Avery was in a better mood but underfoot.