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Sunday Catch Down?

Is Catch Down the opposite of catch up? Since tomorrow is Halloween and we will be at the PCM for a party and trick or treating at night, I don’t expect to get much done. Then field trip day on Wednesday is going to be a scope out trip and picnic to Stubb Stewart State Park (unless the weather is awful) to see if hiking and cabin camping is a doable for us. Wednesday will be a recon mission as well as some outdoor time for the kids. We may do the Thames and Kosmos Nature box while there. So today was some schoolwork that we will miss Monday.

  • Word Time was WEAR and DECORATE which goes well with Halloween. Also discussed the difference between WEAR and WHERE.
  • Math was Lesson 131, making clocks and looking at the hour hand. Discussing AM/PM and what time what happens in our day.
  • Together Reading, we read “Cows in the Kitchen” and “Ice Cream from Cows to Kids”, reviewed CVC words with short a and short i using letter cards. Read Zig Pig and the Tan Van. (Naim didn’t read this, he needs to do this next time.)
  • Naim reading: Finished up all of the HOP ABC/Sounds workbooks (FINALLY!). We did about 10 pp. because I think we were both ready for that to end. The Sylvan workbook (K Reading Readiness) ┬áhe will start is perfect for him. He is SOOO Close to knowing all of his letters and sounds, One more round on the spiral should do it. He improved slowly but steadily. I can’t imagine the mess he would be in if he were pushed through in PS. We have been doing letter names/sounds now for going on three years. And HE IS LEARNING TO READ, if we do a slow, shallow spiral up. I do think the Sylvan book will be the last letter name/sounds workbook we do. It is his fourth book (or set of books) on the topic .
  • Aaron did Lesson 3 and the review in his Sylvan Workbook and read the Box 2, Number 3 Bob book review words and book “Pip and Pog.”
  • Both did Handwriting Review page. I shall quit procrastinating opening up the new Handwriting books and start on that next time. They are starting capital letter review at the beginning anyway.
Avery, pointed to the mirror while I was holding him and said “mama” twice. First time for that. He also seems to have his “bye bye” back that has been gone for months. He painted his pumpkin with finger paints that did not stick, but he didn’t seem to care and had fun anyway, next time I will let him paint with tempera paints, finger paints suck.

Then, of course, big kids wanted to paint their pumpkins.

And because Naim finished his HOP letter/sounds workbook (which I hadn’t expected him to do today.) he wanted to make a celebratory cake (hmmm…right before the Halloween Candy comes…) so we made an orange cake with black blood (cake batter mixed with cocoa and swirled in.) Which then had to be topped with, of course, funfetti!

It's blood and guts cake, can't you tell?