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    October 2011
    M T W T F S S
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    Avery, Naim, Aaron

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NWCT and Playdate PDX

Went with Fred to Naim’s theater class. We were early (cars are sickening that way) and so Naim gave Fred a grand tour of the theater. He was very proud of it. He also introduced all of us to another parent.

Aaron and Fred and I went to Starbucks and then to Couch Park where Aaron got all into picking up chestnuts. I think I still have like 20 in my back pack.

After Naim’s class, we went to Playdate PDX. Took forever to get our food so kids mostly played before we ate. I went up in the play structure for a bit afterwards. It is a workout to get around in those things. If I did that everyday, I’d be in good shape. So that place definitely counts as PE. A wee expensive, though.

I took pictures of the ActivSpace Art Cubby building for my DOJ complaint as well.

Avery went with Nik to Ds and continues to be in a good mood.