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Wednesday Homeschool

While it’s fresh in my mind.


  • Read (attempt) “This is Not my Polar Bear” with Naim
  • Did apple poem on flannel board (taking apples off a tree and putting them in a basket, set to poem.) He did get the fact that you can stick shapes on and off the flannel board. Satisfied for first attempt.
  • He is working hard on the Lighthouse toy. Its his current thing.
  • Colored with crayons.
  • Went outside and helped add grass clippings to compost pile. Played in playhouse a bit.
A and N:
  • Played outside with bikes this am.
  • Word Time (YOUNG SENIOR)
  • Handwriting alphabet review page (wrote out alphabet), Both have trouble with B for some reason. Aaron’s is otherwise fine except for a backwards Z. Naim’s continues to be very shaky and uncontrolled.
  •  Read Mat Man on the Go, Made Mat Man figures on white board. This was my attempt to get them to do better on the “draw a picture of yourself” test, which they blew off when they had to do it at the end of the last handwriting book. They did much better today.
  • Math, Lesson 127 and 128 in Calvert. Months of year, days of week, seasons, today, tomorrow, yesterday. (Prep for clock lessons).
  • Together reading. Read “The Adventures of the Half-Chicken” and answered questions. Introduced Alphafriend Oo (Ozzie Octopus) and song with it. Reviewed CVC words with “i”. Read “TAN VAN” from Phonics Library (which dispite the name, was mostly short i words.)
  • Aaron did -ag word lessons in Sylvan (2 pp.) and read Bob Book #2 in second box, “Up, Pup.”
  • Naim (and Aaron) both watched Lesson 28 in ZigZat. Naim answered questions and did Lesson 28 workbook pages. Also did Ee pages in HOP Letters and Sounds workbook.
All went well. Talked a lot about how every word has vowels and what words would sound like with no vowels. Naim needs work on short i. He has short a CVC words fairly well. Tends to put in the short a for i in many words.

Aaron's Alphabet Practice Page

Naim's Alphabet Practice Page

Working on making detailed "mat people."

Aaron's Mat Person

Naim didn't wait for me to take a picture of his first one, this is his second. He tends to forget a body, but he didn't on the first.

Aaron's Tiger, I was requested to put this on the blog.

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