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VH Thursday

Avery: Did his usual in Little Villagers. I don’t think it harms him at all to be in there, but he is the least mature kid in the class, development-wise. (He is probably the second youngest. The youngest is 19-months but more in-tune than Avery.) He likes free play and mostly plays with cars and the vacuum by himself. Circle time he seems to tolerate but does not participate in. He likes snack. He rarely has the patience to participate in art. He does ok outside and could care less about storytime. He will be seeing Jean (EI) on Monday and the new early head start teacher on Wed. I’ll see how that goes and may take him out of Little Villagers next term. It is hard for us to take him.

Aaron and Naim went to Discoverers. Did not hear much about that. Nik talked to Amy, Riley’s mom, about Naim’s request for a play date. She was polite but standoffish. She said Riley doesn’t know Naim (they’ve had class together for four years.) And she doesn’t go to other people’s houses. Don’t know what the deal is, whether it is him (he is a little over curious about her wheelchair, but it is more because his dad uses one and it is cool to see someone else use one.) Or us. Sometimes it seems like we get attitude from the parents whose children are disabled. I have no idea why. Or if it is just a class snobbishness thing. I told Naim that he could try to make an effort to play with Riley more in class. But I don’t expect this to go anywhere.

Aaron made playdough and some kind of slimy stuff in Measure for Treasure. He also said they traced their bodies and labeled the parts, and compared heights. Naim played games in Drama. Still haven’t met the new drama teacher. Will try to make an appearance soon.

From Measure for Treasure:

This week we will trace our bodies, compare our heights and read a book for the first part of class,
for the last 1/2 of the class, we will use our measuring skills to make gak and play doh to take home!

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