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August 2, 2013

Avery went to Goddard. He cried and cried and dropping him off is getting harder and harder. I am not sure why, except that it might have to do with his current train obsession and never wanting to do anything except be home and play with trains. Except from the looks of the report, all they did was train stuff today, but of course he didn’t know that.

We had Seth over for the day. Not much homeschool stuff got done.

February 15, 2013

Avery’s Freely from Goddard, except now that it is coming from the Preschool room, I may change the name to the Further Report. I picked him up in that room today. But he doesn’t officially start from there until March.

Big Kids:

  • Math end of chapter 12 “math journal” stuff.
  • 2 pp. Sylvan each plus spelling words.
  • Both did respective HOP worksheets.
  • Naim did the letter L with the iPad and books in ZB
  • Aaron did y in HWT, he had to use the iPad, too of course.
  • We did a Little Passports China thing. Naim was very upset to find out he was born in the year of the Monkey.

Naim had a short playdate with R. They went to the park.

January 10, 2013

Avery had ECSE today. No incidents. They make you send a notebook but they never update it so I have no idea how he is doing in there. We always used to update our kids notebooks daily in ECSE. Whatever.

Naim went with R. for her birthday to an arcade place called Wunderland. We made a deal to make up schoolwork on Saturday. I was so tired from yesterday, that it was good for me as well to have a rest day. He really liked Wunderland and got a few prizes. It is a good little math lesson, too, as you can win tickets for prizes. It might be a good place to take Susannah’s kids. I always think that if I take Susannah’s kids I might not be able to take them anywhere like they are used to and they would be bored, but that place is really easy to get to. I also promised to take R to the children’s museum, so am trying to squeeze that in as well next week.

Not much else, Aaron did a art project with one of the kiwi crate things. It was penguin bowling. He decorated all the penguins and had names for them all. My favorite was Professor Mustache and Billy Boy. Naim elected to give his to R. for her birthday, which was good, because I did not have time to get her anything and she is a bit hard to shop for since they kind of don’t do a lot of gifts and don’t allow a lot of things. So, an art project was a good choice, if a bit simple. But I think it is ok.

I think there was a lot of minecraft today.

September 22, 2012

Naim had his soccer game this morning. They lost. 6-1. He grieved over it a little, but seemed ok with it. He is getting better and less nervous about games.

They went to a birthday party for Seth and Wyatt. Nik took them to both because I am having health problems for the last 8 days. Felt guilty but my body was not having it. Party went well, Aaron brought home one of those bead things that you cook with an iron and melt and he made a butterfly. I overcooked it a bit. I had them pick out their own birthday presents at the train store and wrap them themselves. Naim was happy that his train puzzle for Wyatt went over well, I didn’t hear much about Aaron’s playmobile for Seth.

I think that Avery is in such a desperate need for clothes, I need to do that tomorrow and since I made Nik do the whole day today, I don’t feel like I can ask for church tomorrow. So we shall skip, I think. Trying to get all these doctor appointments and stuff DONE so we can get back to routine. This week is more doctor appointments.

July 9-12, 2013

Naim in his soccer gear. We have GOT to get him new socks.

This is soccer camp for Naim this week. Because they changed the location at the last minute, he has been going with Susannah. Aaron has been hanging out with them, too. I have not seen any of soccer, but it seems to be going OK. Aaron has gone to the OutPost, seen a dollar movie, gone to out of this world pizza, and now is going to a sleepover. I think for him it is the best week ever. Soccer ended ok, I guess. It is hard to figure out what is going on from Naim. And then they had an impromptu sleepover with Susannah and went to the Outpost again. Good week for them.

Avery had Goddard Monday.

He went with me to work Tuesday morning at Ds.

And went to Goddard Wednesday. He was cute when I picked him up Wednesday. Traci said he got upset that she didn’t let him turn off and on the computer, but he gave her a hug when we left. He likes to have me carry him home so that he can point to everything he sees on the way and I can tell him what it is called. He is cataloging language alright. I think he wants to get the whole world cataloged correctly before he decides to use it.

Thursday was low key, we went to the park and had the day to ourselves.

Friday’s Goddard Freely report

, where they FREELY took a nature walk around the school. (I guess that means they weren’t handcuffed?)

May 20, 2012

Church today, likely the last for the season until fall. Kids’ class was supposed to light chalice in big sanctuary, but our MAX was early and we missed it by probably 2 minutes, then the next one was late, so we were too late and missed it. Nik and I went up to their class and visited because they invited us. They talked about their treasures. Aaron’s was the death star (roll eyes.) Naim had me write “humans” “home” “bananas” and “fluffy toys” and then went off on fluffy toys. I get SICK of FluffyPantsLand…although it seems like everyone in there was quite familiar with it.

Nik and I did a short Sully/guide dog presentation and Naim talked a bit about FluffyPants and then Nik and I left. That was Andy’s last day, which makes me a bit sad, but I guess he is going to teach choir next year so that’s good. He has grown on me A LOT.  I think he will do a lot better than Choir Boy. Choir Boy is a good musician but maybe not so good with kids.

We came home and then went to M.L. birthday party at Outdoors In. We were supposed to go early and get a present from Let’s Play, but it was closed. So now we owe her and IOU present. Everyone did good at the party. Including me. I kicked myself out of my cacoon even though it was VERY LOUD and I couldn’t hear and talked to several moms. Met a new one whose kid is in Naim’s classes at VH and they hung out together. Will try to invite her to summer party. (Part of homeschooling for me is to be a good playdate mom, something I tend to suck at. So trying to step it up.)

S.K and Aaron. I like how the two or three dads that were there wall flowered in a corner with their phones or a book.

Naim and his VH friend, K.S.

Mike yelled PIZZA! and Avery yelled, PIZZA! and came running over. A word!

Naim took this. Mike and CAKE! Mike is a cool dad that didn’t wallflower. In fact, I don’t know if I’ve ever seen him wallflower, even when it wasn’t his kid’s party.

Naim and his VH friend, K.S. and cake. Damn, since I’ve been off sugar that cake was damned good.

2012: 8

Or this should be 7 (part 2).


  • Nn and Oo in Sylvan
  • Re-read Lesson 1, -at words in HOP Level one.
  • W in HWT


  • Worksheets for HOP Lesson 4 sl- and sn- words
  • Sylvan, one page of -og words and 1/2 of rhyming Lesson (need to go back and do other -og page (it was another word search and I just couldn’t take it.)
  • W in HWT

They went to S’s birthday party. They got a ride with S and we did not go. Heard there were 40 kids, a clown entertained them for an hour, had donuts. Seems to go well.