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    October 2011
    M T W T F S S
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    Avery, Naim, Aaron

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Slow day


Drove me a bit nuts slamming doors and dragging stuff out of drawers today. I actually gave him his first time out. This made Aaron incredibly empathetic and he went over and stroked his hair and held his hand during the whole less than one minute I pulled him away from the doors. Oh, Mr. Avery and I didn’t do much today. I need to get back to the schedule. He will have little villagers tomorrow.

Aaron: Did not finish his math because he didn’t listen to directions three times and then I gave up. He will have to finish next time. They both did a whole Lesson on estimation, we played an estimation game before the book. They did ok with that. Went on to the next lesson so we could finish the chapter and move on. This is where Aaron lost it. Naim finished one page and could use more work, so it is probably just as well.

Word Time words were SPEAK and LAUGH

Finished 10 in HWT and numbers review page. Only have end of book test left and we are FINALLY done with Get Set For School! Yeah!

I felt like Naim needed a letter review so we traced sandpaper letters and ordered them, played with magnetic letters and paired them with pictures that had their beginning sounds. Did so-so with that. Read Apple Farm and How Babies Are Made (an Aaron request) and talked a bit about Sergei and what they got from each parent. Naim also did Jj, Kk and a review page in the HOP Letter Sounds and ABC workbook.

A bit ho-hum today, but some stuff got accomplished. We were all kind of crabby and Naim did this hilarious imitation of all of us whining tonight. I need to video it!

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