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April 19, 2013

Today was a busy day.

Avery and Nik went to Goddard.  He had generally good things to say. Avery seems comfortable there and seems to enjoy it. He really liked the assistant teacher, Cady, but not so crazy about the lead teacher. She might be ok, but was a little standoffish, which I have found, too. It is hard to even get her to say “hi” or “goodbye” to me, although she usually says hi to Avery. I guess she asked Nik some questions about my hearing, which is fine, except that she asked it in the same vein as someone would say, “Is she…like…an alien or something?” But, overall, I guess they had fun.

It was OMSI day for Big Kids and I. The last few times I was supposed to take them there was either an emergency hospitalization for me or a national tragedy or both. Today, we had the national tragedy, with all of Boston on lockdown while they had a manhunt for the Marathon Bomber. But no hospitalization, so I guess that is good?

Their class was in the physics lab on bridges. The teacher talked in this monotone tourguide voice. It took me a minute to realize they were not watching a movie with narration voiceover, because he was pointing to a screen with pictures of bridges on it. They made I guess what might be called a trestle bridge at the end.  Aaron had some kind of whiney, cry fit at the end because I don’t know why. I just get annoyed by them. We were able to snooth it over a bit and he actually finished his while Naim didn’t quite. But it went ok.

After we went to Mythbusters! The Explosive Exhibition! Then we spend a lot of time in the Life Sciences lab, which we have not done a lot of in the past. Naim and I went through the fetus development room (which you are not allowed to photograph.) We had gone before, but I think he was too young to get that they were real fetus corpses before. He kind of got a little wide-eyed about that this time.  We spent some time in the life science lab with all the aquariums of animals. Then we flosted across to the earth science hall and they spent some time in the watershed lab.

In the evening, they went to a party at HFAC called “CandyLand” where they played a giant game of candyland and watched Willy Wonka and had dinner. It sounded like everyone had fun. We told Naim he did not have to watch Avery, that’s what the adults were for. But he acted like his whole night was spent watching Avery anyway, to which I said, well that was your choice, then.

January 18, 2013

I went to school with Avery so we could go to his new classroom for a visit. I had talked to Traci about this before, Nik had talked to TR and Chris about it, it seemed like no big deal. Traci even said she was going to take him over there to get him accustomed. But when I got there, Chris acted like I had three heads and said “we are not going to start transitioning him until FEBRUARY.” And I’m like, yeah? So? What does that have to do with me visiting today? This is the day I can visit. (No, I didn’t really say that…but it was kind of like what’s the big deal?) I thought it might be a ratio issue, but both classrooms had very low numbers of kids that day (maybe due to 3 day weekend?) Anyway, I got to visit for about 45 minutes. It is probably for the best because I am fighting a virus anyway.

So, the classroom is about 3 times as big. It has lots of windows and is very bright. We played for a few minutes and did circle time. She says she has 15 to 17 kids, mostly three year olds. The two teachers names are Christie and Cady. So, I think it will be good for him there, he will no longer be a giant who doesn’t talk (he will now be a tall kid who doesn’t talk. Hee.) The teacher obviously knew nothing about him, because she kept asking him questions and expecting an answer. But he doesn’t officially transfer until FEBRUARY, Lisa! So maybe they haven’t passed notes yet. Here is his freely. Notice how it says he participated in calendar in circle time when he wasn’t even in the room during circle time. By the time we got back to his classroom, they were done with circle time. Heh. Freely means they can freely say whatever they want on those things, and no one will be the wiser!

Big kids went with Nik to OMSI. They looked at fossils and made a fossil. It all went well. Then (and this always happens when Nik is around) they befriended an elderly volunteer who took them around the Earth Science hall which now has an exhibit about environmental responsibility. Later, they met this man again at the cafeteria and he talked to them for about 20 minutes about fossils and dinosaurs. So, they had a good day there. They stopped by Ben and Jerry’s (Chinook Book coupon!) for ice cream on the way home, to celebrate Naim’s DER finish.

Pictures! (From Nik’s camera, so…)

October 19, 2012

Avery had his parent teacher conference. All well. Mostly talked about potty training and how he needs to do that to move to the next classroom. He would go to the class of 3 year olds with 20 kids! But I think our tuition would go down by about $100. So, incentive! We have kind of started already talking about it, reading books, getting used to the idea. But have not gone hardcore. I am planning to in mid-late November. She did not have a copy of his little developmental checklist thing they do. I will add that if she gets it to me. She gave me a pile of artwork. It looks like he participates in whatever to some extent. There is painting with different things (sponges, etc.) He also got his picture proofs. They are cute.

Kids had OMSI lab day. It was states of matter in the chemistry lab. They did a bunch with dry ice. Then we went to Grossology-which I thought was really cool. And gross. And then played around a bit more. Took the new streetcar line to the max instead of doing the bridge/bus thing. It took a bit longer but was ok. Aaron told everyone that he is  donor sperm kid when someone asked him if he looked like his mom or dad. I just let it go. It is his story to tell, though we might have a talk about when and where to tell some stories about yourself.

So, pictures.

September 21, 2012

Oh, what a weird day.

So, I have everything all organized to get Avery to school for all day (he needed extra stuff for his nap), A and N and I and everyone’s lunches and stuff to get to OMSI by 10:00. I leave at 8:20 to drop Avery off. He is pissed because he knows something is up and the kids are going somewhere he doesn’t get to go. Drop him off, I’m good on time, get downtown to transfer to a bus, and….I don’t have my buspass, wallet, ID, OMSI card, money, nothing. (It fell out of my backpack at home.) I can’t even get on the bus. We were going to be a half hour early and then I thought we couldn’t even make the class at all. I thought about walking across the Hawthorne bridge, which would solve the bus problem but still was unsure about getting into OMSI. So, I texted Nik and he said he could meet me downtown and give me his bus pass and debit card. So, I jump back on the max to get closer to where he can meet me, he gets on a bus and comes downtown from work, we meet for 30 seconds, he jumps on another bus to go back to work, and I have to walk six blocks and jump on a bus to go across the river. By that time, my half hour grace period was eaten up. We were 15 minutes late and I was for sure we were going to miss the class, but one of the (VERY NICE!) VH parents waited for us and we made it, and it hadn’t really even started yet.

The content of the class was stuff my kids already knew, which Naim was being an elitist snob about. But Aaron just answered all the questions. It was about the solar system. I told Naim that even if he already knew it, it was neat to see everyone pretend to be planets and rotate/revolve around each other, see the relative size of the planets with clay models (and a cardboard sun because that would be a LOT of clay.) take a tape measure and see the relative distance of the planets down a hallway, and see all the planets on the big globe. Aaron enjoyed it and Naim was ok with it.

Then, about 20 minutes after the class ended, alarms went off and we were evacuated from OMSI. As per usual, I could not hear, see nor understand what was going on at first, but I saw the teacher who taught their class and attached myself to her. We went down a back fire escape and into the parking lot. Aaron and Naim were in a tizzy, and I had to explain to them that we needed to follow directions and get out of the building first and THEN we could figure out what is going on. I’m glad I didn’t have Avery, though. Because getting him down like, 4 flights of rickety fire escape stairs would have been a bitch. They let us back in after about a half an hour or so. I guess they had construction people doing work for the streetcar and some wiring got cut and tripped the alarm, but no real danger. A cook let us back in through a back door past dumpsters and the kitchen and OMSI sort of storage areas, which the kids thought was super cool because it was employees only. The cook was really nice and helped chill them out about the whole thing.

Afterwards, kids did the usual looking around OMSI. I got addicted to playing with these tanks of water with different sized iron bits in them and magnets. We also watched the movie called LIFE: A Cosmic Journey, that was in the planetarium and narrated by Jodie Foster. It was about how life began in the stars after the big bang and how it all came together on earth. Very evolutionary minded, and also talked about the possibility of microbial life migrating from Mars to Earth.  And we made it through the day.

So did Avery. I checked in with Goddard at around 2:00 and he was napping and they said he was doing fine. I picked him up around 5:00 and he was very happy. Here is his report.