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April 15, 2013

Avery and I were about 30 minutes late to school, he didn’t want to get up so we had cuddle time. He stayed the day and Nik picked him up. Report here. Nik is going to visit him on Friday on his Furlough day.

Big Kids:

  • We read Mud! (Naim read it and did quite well.) and did the workbook pages.
  • We did the whole box of subtraction flashcards and they did much better than I thought. It is sticking!
  • Naim did the worksheets for his lesson in HOP
  • Aaron did the DVD for whatever he is on in HOP
  • Both did 2 pp. of Sylvan
  • Naim did the Ee Ff and Cc review stuff for ZB
  • Aaron did f in HWT
  • We watched BrainPop about taxes.
  • We looked at Aaron’s Little Passports thing about Russia
  • They had Art and Drama downtown.

Aaron had an Art meltdown because the teacher didn’t do something or other how he wanted it. I couldn’t quite get what the deal was…so I was just “Aaron, stop with the meltdown.” The teacher actually did a really nice job of talking with Aaron and calming him down a bit.  I was too busy being annoyed.

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