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February 12, 2013

Avery went to ECSE and that went well, he came home with his THIRD snowman with stuff (scarves, eyes, hat, etc.) glued all in the wrong place, which I actually like because then it means that Avery did it himself. Also there was info about two events that already happened last week! (Heh. that place is SO organized.) But it did mention another event next month that I might be interested in about a speaker who is talking about stimulating communication.

Erika came today and it looks like they spent their time drawing his fears. He drew about 20-25 fears, everything from people dying to deforestation to not having money for transit to Nik burning his hand. It looks like after they did that, they categorized them all into three categories: 1) environmental damage; 2) people being disrespectful or mad at him; and 3) people dying or getting hurt.

When she was here, R. stopped by on roller skates, it was very cute. She asked Naim if he wanted to go do something with her on Friday, like roller skating. He doesn’t have roller skates so I am not sure what they are going to do. Then they are going to hang out Saturday, and then next Thursday I am taking them to the children’s museum. That kid’s social life is better than mine by far.

So, school:

  • We worked on Lesson 3, day 2 in MIF Ch. 12. We did the workbook. I might do the practice book next time. I think they are getting this finally. Naim is clicking with it now. Is this the wonder of Singapore Math or would it have happened anyway? I like the program so far, though. It is kind of like, you didn’t know there was anything wrong with Calvert until you tried something better and then it is like, oh, this is so much better way to teach this!
  • Aaron did 2 pp. of Sylvan.
  • Aaron did review and online game for unit 1 in HOP.
  • Aaron worked on the iPad handwriting app and then did l in HWT.
  • Naim (later after Erika) did 2 pp. of Sylvan
  • Naim did the bonus workbook and review for HOP lesson 8. He read the story to Avery, which was kind of cute.
  • Naim did diagonal lines for ZB.
  • They watched Charles Darwin in BrianPop
  • They both worked on making Valentines for their friends in Discoverers which is tomorrow.

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