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February 14, 2013

Avery went to ECSE. He came home with a Valentine from the teacher and one from another little boy and a lollipop, so he was happy. Later, I had to take him to the doctor to get his hep A vaccine so he could go back to school (exclusion day is Feb. 20). This was the first time he went to Trajano, my doctor across the street as per our new insurance. She is not a pediatrician, but I actually think they did a better job trying to make him feel comfortable. It was without success, which is a given with Avery, but it was not for lack of trying. They even brought in two nurses to give him the two shots (Hep A and flu) simultaneously, which helped a lot. So, he is now legal to return to school. But no school next week anyway.

Big kids:

  • We did the extra practice book for MIF Ch. 12 Lesson 3. I only have one copy so I was having them do every other one. Never again. In their off time they got too silly waiting, which got the other kid silly and it took FOREVER. Next time I am going to tear out the pages and make copies for each. After this chapter, I think we are going to stop for a few days and work on addition and subtraction facts with flashcards and stuff. This counting on their fingers bullshit was fine at first but now it blows. Next chapter starts some simple two digit addition with regrouping and I don’t want to be dealing with 3+4 at that stage. But besides that, I will say that Naim is killing it in math with this new book. Things are clicking for him.
  • Each did their 2 pp of Sylvan. Aaron has it in his head that Vocabulary is the most fun and easy of the three books (Reading, Vocab, and Spelling) so he always does that. Whatever, he is going to finish all three books eventually.
  • Naim did reading/DVD for Lesson 9 in HOP
  • Aaron did reading/DVD for Lesson 5 in HOP
  • Aaron did something (??? he does it on his own, so I forget) in HWT.
  • Naim finished up the first unit in ZB, which had to do with horizontal, vertical, diagonal, circular lines.

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