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September 30, 2012

Church RE today.

Can’t tell you what they did. We had an interesting discussion on Friday with Avery’s teacher about the need for curriculum in that “class” which is really just childcare. Both his teacher and I think there is no need for RELIGIOUS EDUCATION curriculum for 2 year olds. The early teacher does, I guess. I think it is better to just play and color and read stories and sing songs and then deal with UU principles when they come up, which at that level is just basic stuff like sharing, being kind to each other, communicating what you want to say, etc. Which, as a teacher, actually takes more skill (especially in the upper grade levels) than just following a set curriculum.

Aaron is having no additional troubles, says the teacher. They did something where they drew animals.

Not sure what Naim did, but he seems comfortable in the class. I came in with Aaron in the last few minutes and we sang/circled some kind of peace be with you song.

After we had celebratory cupcakes at St. Cupcake. It was for our War Against Chaos!!! which is still going on, but yesterday we won a battle of cleaning their room.

Cupcake Party!

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