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September 28, 2012

Avery’s Freely.

Big kids and I went to the pediatrician. First of all, unless it is me going to the gynocologish or dentist or something that it would be absolutely awful to have Avery around for, I am going to stop using Goddard/School time for appointments. It is a bad habit that cuts too many days out for. But we had this one…so.

All seems well. Naim is in the 75th percentile on height (51.5 inches) and the 50th on weight (54 lbs.) Aaron is in the 25th percentile on height (50 inches) and 50th on weight (56 lbs.)

Aaron was obnoxious He interrupted, talked too much. Then spaced her off when she asked him direct questions, whined about the flu vaccine (which was nose spray so please.) Then had a fit when he got the nose spray so she had to do it twice. Naim was fine and polite and helpful. The only thing he did was say that he liked nothing about school and he sat around trying to think of things to do all the time. No, I don’t fill every single minute of his life like he wants me to. But I have him in VH classes two days a week, soccer three days a week, RE one day a week, daddy’s house two days a week, homeschool three days a week, etc. So I don’t think he is suffering too much from boredom. Keeping Naim as busy as he wants to be kept is about killing me. If he had his choice, he would take 3 more drama classes and be on another sports team.

She does think Naim needs to go back to speech. She is probably right. I am working on the ramifications of that one (budget/insurance issues.)

That evening we went to a Church RE potluck. Aaron and Avery played out on the patio with the other kids where they had games and stuff, and Naim stayed with us and intermittently went out to play.

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