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October 21, 2012

Church today. Naim actually lit the chalice in the big sanctuary, but I didn’t know they were going to do that, so I was in the chapel. He was very excited though. I wish I would have seen him.

Anyway, Avery was all good, Naim was all good…they made spiders with egg cartons and pipe cleaners. Aaron had a semi-meltdown. The teacher said it was not a behavior  problem, he just didn’t like how his spider was working out so he got sad and quit and sulked in the corner. He didn’t eat snack (which we brought and it was what he wanted, graham crackers and strawberries), even though they invited him several times because he said he was sad and didn’t think that they wanted him to join them. And then got all upset because they ate all the strawberries. He had asked if I would go with him to class today, and I said if the FM system didn’t work, I would. But the FM system worked for the first time in over a month, so I didn’t go. So, I don’t know if that was it or what.

September 30, 2012

Church RE today.

Can’t tell you what they did. We had an interesting discussion on Friday with Avery’s teacher about the need for curriculum in that “class” which is really just childcare. Both his teacher and I think there is no need for RELIGIOUS EDUCATION curriculum for 2 year olds. The early teacher does, I guess. I think it is better to just play and color and read stories and sing songs and then deal with UU principles when they come up, which at that level is just basic stuff like sharing, being kind to each other, communicating what you want to say, etc. Which, as a teacher, actually takes more skill (especially in the upper grade levels) than just following a set curriculum.

Aaron is having no additional troubles, says the teacher. They did something where they drew animals.

Not sure what Naim did, but he seems comfortable in the class. I came in with Aaron in the last few minutes and we sang/circled some kind of peace be with you song.

After we had celebratory cupcakes at St. Cupcake. It was for our War Against Chaos!!! which is still going on, but yesterday we won a battle of cleaning their room.

Cupcake Party!

September 28, 2012

Avery’s Freely.

Big kids and I went to the pediatrician. First of all, unless it is me going to the gynocologish or dentist or something that it would be absolutely awful to have Avery around for, I am going to stop using Goddard/School time for appointments. It is a bad habit that cuts too many days out for. But we had this one…so.

All seems well. Naim is in the 75th percentile on height (51.5 inches) and the 50th on weight (54 lbs.) Aaron is in the 25th percentile on height (50 inches) and 50th on weight (56 lbs.)

Aaron was obnoxious He interrupted, talked too much. Then spaced her off when she asked him direct questions, whined about the flu vaccine (which was nose spray so please.) Then had a fit when he got the nose spray so she had to do it twice. Naim was fine and polite and helpful. The only thing he did was say that he liked nothing about school and he sat around trying to think of things to do all the time. No, I don’t fill every single minute of his life like he wants me to. But I have him in VH classes two days a week, soccer three days a week, RE one day a week, daddy’s house two days a week, homeschool three days a week, etc. So I don’t think he is suffering too much from boredom. Keeping Naim as busy as he wants to be kept is about killing me. If he had his choice, he would take 3 more drama classes and be on another sports team.

She does think Naim needs to go back to speech. She is probably right. I am working on the ramifications of that one (budget/insurance issues.)

That evening we went to a Church RE potluck. Aaron and Avery played out on the patio with the other kids where they had games and stuff, and Naim stayed with us and intermittently went out to play.

September 17, 2012

Today all three kids had church RE. All events seemed uneventful and there was no exposure of genitalia. Avery seems good with his new classroom. Naim was skipping around when I went to pick him up and seems comfortable. No bad reports. We went to the mall and went shopping for clothes afterwards.

May 20, 2012

Church today, likely the last for the season until fall. Kids’ class was supposed to light chalice in big sanctuary, but our MAX was early and we missed it by probably 2 minutes, then the next one was late, so we were too late and missed it. Nik and I went up to their class and visited because they invited us. They talked about their treasures. Aaron’s was the death star (roll eyes.) Naim had me write “humans” “home” “bananas” and “fluffy toys” and then went off on fluffy toys. I get SICK of FluffyPantsLand…although it seems like everyone in there was quite familiar with it.

Nik and I did a short Sully/guide dog presentation and Naim talked a bit about FluffyPants and then Nik and I left. That was Andy’s last day, which makes me a bit sad, but I guess he is going to teach choir next year so that’s good. He has grown on me A LOT.  I think he will do a lot better than Choir Boy. Choir Boy is a good musician but maybe not so good with kids.

We came home and then went to M.L. birthday party at Outdoors In. We were supposed to go early and get a present from Let’s Play, but it was closed. So now we owe her and IOU present. Everyone did good at the party. Including me. I kicked myself out of my cacoon even though it was VERY LOUD and I couldn’t hear and talked to several moms. Met a new one whose kid is in Naim’s classes at VH and they hung out together. Will try to invite her to summer party. (Part of homeschooling for me is to be a good playdate mom, something I tend to suck at. So trying to step it up.)

S.K and Aaron. I like how the two or three dads that were there wall flowered in a corner with their phones or a book.

Naim and his VH friend, K.S.

Mike yelled PIZZA! and Avery yelled, PIZZA! and came running over. A word!

Naim took this. Mike and CAKE! Mike is a cool dad that didn’t wallflower. In fact, I don’t know if I’ve ever seen him wallflower, even when it wasn’t his kid’s party.

Naim and his VH friend, K.S. and cake. Damn, since I’ve been off sugar that cake was damned good.

May 13, 2012

Church today. Avery went to nursery and cried but ran to Christine. Kids did something where, Naim says, they thought about thinking. I know they made a statement  and had to survey their classmates to see if they agreed or disagreed. Naim’s was something about how he liked to make loud noises. Then there was something about being a sherif of a town. Last week they made flags for their own country, so maybe something to do with that. (Naim’s was Sunland and Aaron’s was Velocirapter Land.) Next week, Nik has been invited to do the Guide Dog and pony show for class. I think that might be the last class of the year.

After we went to Safeway downtown to get stuff for sandwiches and then went up to Washington Park playground for a picnic. It was my first time going by bus up to where the Japanese Garden and Rose Garden and stuff were. (Been there years ago.) We ended up getting kind of worn out and hot and tired by the time we got groceries, waited for bus, ate and let kids play. So, did not get to Japanese Garden this time. (I have two free passes from VH auction.) Now, we know better how to get there on the bus and stuff (and will not walk a mile and a half to the grocery store first) so will conserve more energy and try again. Maybe next week. We’ll see. The playground is pretty cool. Sandbox, and quite large and accessible. Can’t believe I’ve never been there. Nik may have taken pics, I will check later.

Got these on the way home though. The arbor in D’s apartment complex has in bloom lavender vines for just about a week every Spring, its pretty cool, but you have to catch ’em quickly.

Also lilac bush. I want a lilac bush. It reminds me of childhood.

Raining lavender!

Downtown Sunday 8: Busytown and Choir.

So in Sophia Singers the kids were supposed to be the audience for the 8-10 year old choir called, Oh, I forget now. Something about trees…while they practiced for a performance in the chapel. But then only one kid showed up (spring break, maybe?) and she did not want to sing alone. So they got volunteers from Sophia Singers who knew the same song to volunteer. Aaron was definitely not. gonna. do it. But Naim was reluctantly coerced. A couple more older kids did show up, and instant choir performance. In which Naim would not remove his coat. But it went well. Nik had stayed home with Avery, so missed it.

This picture was actually taken during their trial run before services started. Didn't want to whip out the iPad and photo them during.

Next we went to Tropical Cafe to kill time before going to NWCT to see BusyTown. Here are my kids watching NCAA basketball final four with Kansas and I forget who…Aren’t they excited?

Then we went to see BusyTown, which was based on Richard Scarry’s “What Do People Do All Day?” It was cute and they liked it. They got to meet John Ellingson afterwards, but Aaron was kind of being an overbearing brat.

John Ellingson did not star in this one, he had no lines. He was mostly a puppeteer with the character "Lowly Worm." When we got home, I looked at the book, and yup, on every page was a tiny worm somewhere, if you looked closely enough.

A good day all around. I’m really enjoying Downtown Sundays. Missed the Ave, though. I’m getting used to him being my constant appendage. Happy to see him when we got home.

Hanging with the Avery and his big cup that he will soon spill on the bed.