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September 25, 2012

VH Day.

Avery and I played for an hour, then went to the library for story time where the theme was frogs and counting. He made a frog picture and we read a book about trains after. Had lunch and then time to get big kids. Did not have much outside time.

Naim had math playground and drama and drama. The Westward Expansion Play looks a bit intricate. He plays Daniel Boone and the script is thick! Though it does include song lyrics. He is supposed to be listening to the songs (on CD) and practicing lines now that we have them.

Aaron made a “leonardo” bridge with his class in engineering outside. It looked kind of cool in the handout instructions. I wish I would have gotten to see it finished. He had legos with Stockton now, so that made him happy. Then he got kicked out of art class, for having a meltdown. Which pissed me off. I’m not mad at the teacher, and to an extent I’m not even mad at him. OK, I’m a little mad at him. But now I have to fill that time for him from 12-1, which sort of screws up my Avery schedule and when is that kid going to grow up?

I’m honestly looking into Village Free School for him for one or two days a week instead of VH. Nik would have to take him probably. It is about ten minutes from his work. It is tuition based, but I would have to see how it compares to VH. I’m just sick of fighting him on the free spirit thing. It is only going to get more structured and demanding at VH. I don’t know if Village Free School is right for him or not, but think it might be worth checking out. It won’t be for this year, maybe next year, or maybe when he is old enough that he could go to work with Nik and then take the last ten minute bus ride himself. I don’t know. He has oodles of talent and brains, but can’t seem to get it together for classes and I’m sick of this constant problem where all the teachers want to kick him out because he meltsdown at the slightest provocation or challenge.

I might see when their next open house is and just start investigating. We so need to live closer in.

Also, Naim had soccer practice.

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