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September 24, 2012

Avery’s Freely.

Not much else to report, I went over with Susannah to D’s to train her, but Bob took over. Not that I care, but I could have gotten a couple of hours of schoolwork done had I known. Hover away, Bob!

Then had to go to the dentist. It is good to get all these doctor appointments done, but it is taking away from a lot of school time. One thing is that people (including myself, of course) need to have more respect for the work I do and my and the kids “school time.” People act like they can just intervene on my schedule because I’m not “doing anything” all day. It is the kids that lose out, and it is me who is rushing around trying to please everyone. I’m going to get better about being hard-ass about that time. Appointments are going to have to be made in the afternoon and I am not doing shit for Dwight in that time.

In the evening, I had to go do community duty at VH and provide childcare for the annual parent meeting. Nik went to the meeting and I and another mother took care of about ten kids. It gets one of my Comm Duty points earned. But it made for a very late night for all of us.

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