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September 26, 2012

Avery and I worked on Buttercups curriculum, which we are trying to do more of this year since last year it was just too beyond him. We are working each unit as a decorating a bulletin board project. The current themes are Apples, Fall Leaves, and Nighttime. This three month theme is a bit truncated as we did try some of the activities last year before we sort of put it away for next year.

Today we talked about leaves, sang a song about leaves, did a pattern/grouping activity with different kinds of leaves and did an art project. We used the signs for leaves, tree, orange, and red. I’m not sure where and when we will stick this in, I’m thinking after his nap and before dinner we will take 30 or so minutes to spend time on Buttercups.

The art project was gluing tissue paper leaves on paper and then brushing them with a glitter solution using a paintbrush.

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