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July 16, 2012

Avery’s Freely. Avery seems to look forward to school now, or at least likes the routine of it. They apparently had the Mad Science people there today. I think they do demonstration science experiments. Avery liked mixing colors, it says. Avery seemed ok today, but during his nap he started crying and I came in and got him and he barfed all over me, all over the couch, crib, etc. And he was sick for the next 8 or so hours. Lots and lots of throwing up, laying catatonic on the couch, and wanting me to hold him and give him massages. He got better by bedtime, but still hasn’t eaten anything except for small amounts of water. So, hopefully this is it and tomorrow he can eat again. No fever, so thinking it was a food issue. Holding him and cleaning up after him pretty much took my afternoon away, though. So kids and I only got morning stuff done. (one good think is that I taught him how to throw up in a bowl, and he got it right away, with only some assistance from me after that. So it was really just the first two that were major bad. The rest were minor messes.)


  • Aaron finished book 13 in Usborne: “Monster’s Diner”
  • Naim did DVD Lesson 6 in DER
  • Aaron also read two books while we waited for Naim for his Library Reading Program stuff.
  • Did next two lessons in math, the numbers escape me now. It was identifying and writing fractions and some simple word problems with adding fractions with a common denominator.
  • Aaron did 2 pp. in Sylvan, and finished the HOP v.1 book. We were going to have story time tonight with him reading some of the HOP books to us. But then Avery kind of interrupted that.
  • Naim did the bonus workbook for HOP, read three of the little stories and did 2 pp. of Sylvan.
  • Sentence School was I weave, I leave.
  • handwriting was -n-.

Naim has been complaining about his eyes. I am not sure if it is serious or not. He tends to complain about aches and pains when he is around D too much because D gets off on that and he gets attention. So I usually give everything he says 24-48 hours to fester (if there is no visible or obvious problem) and 99% of the time they magically go away. But the eye thing has been steady for two days, so I will take him to the doctor. They are both due for a check-up anyway. Not sure if it is just dry eyes or pressure or eye strain or what. He describes it differently every time. I offered him drops and he refused.