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July 23, 2012

Extremely sick yesterday and today. Dying of Post Geriatric Pregnancy Reproductive Organ Fuck Up Disease. Really, something must be done. It takes a total of around 24 to 36 days out of my year. That’s like a whole month! Life is too short. It was so bad, I didn’t know if I could get Avery to school, but I didn’t know if I could care for him at home, either. I did take him to school and took Naim with me in case I threw up and he ran off into the street or something. God. I was reading Jezabel and learned about a new thing. Endometrial ablation. Could this be a possibility? Not hormones (which make me sick every day of the year, not just 36 days.) and not a hysterectomy (which has it’s own set of side effects). In between. I shall do more research. (Not quite a homeschool topic, but kinda. If I go down, homeschool goes down with me. It has to be dealt with.) So no school today and kids were very bored. (writing this several days later.)

But here is Avery’s Freely.