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July 6, 2012

Traci had to go home due to illness, I think and so when I dropped Avery off, he went to a different classroom and threw a shitfit. I ended up waiting there with him until they got the replacement teacher for his room. It was only a few minutes, so no big deal. But it gave me a taste of the transition to come, which I hope is not for a long time. Here is his freely report. He was so cute how he put back his puzzle when I came. Routine works for that kid.

Big Kids:

  • Aaron read Monster’s Diner again and read word bank words and activities in the back of the book.
  • Naim watched Lesson 6 of DER
  • Did sentence school (LIONS ROAR. EAGLES SOAR.) and handwriting -r-.
  • Naim did worksheets for HOP lesson 14, watched and reread Bix in the Lab. Did 2 pp. of Sylvan
  • Aaron did 2 pp. of Sylvan, read review lesson and read “Fred’s Red Hat” and answered the questions. I think we will do a day more of review of the whole book and then we will be done with the book, and will move on to the next one.
  • Calvert Math, we worked with fraction manipulatives, did practice and review stuff in the main book and did the practice book stuff we didn’t do the other day.
  • Watched “Frida Kahlo” on BrainPop.
  • Observed the petri dishes and took notes.
  • Today was Sullys pet time off. So the kids and I took him out and played around with him in the empty fields.
  • Kids did some library reading this afternoon.

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