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May 18, 2012

Its SuperMan’s Crystal Palace gone dark side? No, its iron filings magnified.

The same filings not magnified.

Aaron with his home made magna doodle that he taught how to dance.

Goddard School.

Fuck Goddard School. Avery’s apprehension about going is getting worse, not better. He was hesitant to leave the house and then cried big fat wailing time when we got there. I stayed in the hall way after we left to see the duration of the crying and it went on longer than it does usually at Church nursery or at 24 hour fitness where it usually is just some whimpering and then it stops the second I leave and he goes off and plays. The little activity reports they give never have any participation checkmarks for him. I think since he is generally easy to play with himself and ignore, that is what happens. He came home with what appears to be fingernail scratches on the back of his neck and a skinned knee. The skinned knee doesn’t phase me because he probably just fell. The fingernail scratches (along with biting) is very typical of the childcare setting when the ratio is too high. Of course kids will do this and one time is no big deal, but it is kind of like, a typical sign you look for. Who wants to be pinched and bit all the time in childcare?

This was a bad parenting decision on my part, I think, and I have just about decided to pull him out. I have to give 30 days notice, though. I pay those fuckers $13.75 an hour–for this? (I don’t think Goddard School is any better or worse than any other corporate daycare setting like Kindercare, Learning Years, etc. I think it is a bad rap all the way around.) I can hire someone for that money to come in to my house and make him lunch and do the damned dishes, too. Plus with a bit of training I could probably train them to do speech therapy with him and even TAKE him to therapy. I’m already on sitter city about it and then I might place an ad on the homeschooling boards as well. I can’t see him going to Goddard past June at this rate. This is bullshit.

Still like the schedule as far as big kids and I am concerned. But it is too much to sacrifice for Avery to get no attention and go somewhere he doesn’t like. He was supposed to get MORE attention than I can give him. I must have had a brain fart to think that would happen there.

Big kids:

  • Read Usborne First Reader Book 10. “Late Night at the Zoo.” Talked about silent e words.
  • Did Lesson 5.1 in Calvert Math. Started Geometry. Plane shapes today.
  • Aaron did half of color word assignment in Sylvan and ten spelling words.
  • Naim did 2 pages of short a words in Sylvan
  • Naim went back and did a Lesson we somehow missed part of in HOP. -ig words. He read “The Pig.”
  • Aaron did the worksheet part of lesson 11 in HOP, fr- words and br- words.
  • Word Time (SAD LIVELY)
  • HWT: lower case t.
  • Science Finished magic school bus magnetism unit. Made magnetic fields with iron filings (well, made them visible. We didn’t actually MAKE magnetic fields : ) Also made homemade magna doodles.

Back to Avery. Downloaded an AAC app on my iPad which is a bit easier than Proloquo2go. Might start with that. Will email SPL about it.

A new feature: A short video!

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