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May 20, 2012

Church today, likely the last for the season until fall. Kids’ class was supposed to light chalice in big sanctuary, but our MAX was early and we missed it by probably 2 minutes, then the next one was late, so we were too late and missed it. Nik and I went up to their class and visited because they invited us. They talked about their treasures. Aaron’s was the death star (roll eyes.) Naim had me write “humans” “home” “bananas” and “fluffy toys” and then went off on fluffy toys. I get SICK of FluffyPantsLand…although it seems like everyone in there was quite familiar with it.

Nik and I did a short Sully/guide dog presentation and Naim talked a bit about FluffyPants and then Nik and I left. That was Andy’s last day, which makes me a bit sad, but I guess he is going to teach choir next year so that’s good. He has grown on me A LOT.  I think he will do a lot better than Choir Boy. Choir Boy is a good musician but maybe not so good with kids.

We came home and then went to M.L. birthday party at Outdoors In. We were supposed to go early and get a present from Let’s Play, but it was closed. So now we owe her and IOU present. Everyone did good at the party. Including me. I kicked myself out of my cacoon even though it was VERY LOUD and I couldn’t hear and talked to several moms. Met a new one whose kid is in Naim’s classes at VH and they hung out together. Will try to invite her to summer party. (Part of homeschooling for me is to be a good playdate mom, something I tend to suck at. So trying to step it up.)

S.K and Aaron. I like how the two or three dads that were there wall flowered in a corner with their phones or a book.

Naim and his VH friend, K.S.

Mike yelled PIZZA! and Avery yelled, PIZZA! and came running over. A word!

Naim took this. Mike and CAKE! Mike is a cool dad that didn’t wallflower. In fact, I don’t know if I’ve ever seen him wallflower, even when it wasn’t his kid’s party.

Naim and his VH friend, K.S. and cake. Damn, since I’ve been off sugar that cake was damned good.

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