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    May 2012
    M T W T F S S
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May 17, 2012

VH Day. Everyone would not get up. So I ended up not being able to even take a shower and so I threw stuff into a gym bag and decided I would get dressed at 24 Hour Fitness. Kids had discoverers and Measure for Treasure and Drama. I know that Naim gave a bottle of his lotion to Bobbi and Witney, but I don’t think he explained the market research aspect of it…so who knows what they thought! Oh Well. Measure for Treasure was more shopping, it sounded like.

Avery and I went to 24 Hour. He played in the playroom for a bit over and hour while I swam (or attempted to, too many people!) and took a shower. After we went to Ava’s and then the VH playroom for my Comm. Duty.

Naim was a bit sick, and complained immensely, but no fever.

Later we read Magic School Bus Ancient Egypt. And have been playing LOTS and LOTS of UNO!

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