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April 30, 2012

I’m going to try to do kind of a before dinner quick post time so I don’t forget. And I’m just going to date the titles. I can’t keep track of all the numbers!

  • Read Usborne First Reader Book 8: Moon Zoom and reviewed word bank.
  • Read “A Chair for My Mother” as part of this week’s money unit I decided to do (not from Calvert Math). It is from Moonjar and talks about setting goals and budgets, etc. Starting a business. Today we reviewed coins and dollars and talked about wants vs. needs. Did a worksheet where we identified needs. I think this unit will last three or four days. We need some learning about money that goes beyond what coin is what.
  • Sylvan books: Naim did qu- sounds and -ck sounds. Also matching beginning and ending letters.
  • Sylvan: Aaron’s sight words were find, come, run (is run really a sight word?), see, and I forget. Did about four pages each in any case. Aaron also did ten spelling words.
  • Aaron finished the review for Unit 2 in HOP. Read review words, Read “Lucky for Me” and did video game.
  • Naim finished his unit 2 also in HOP. He read the review words, read “The Kit” and did the video game. We are now officially venturing into new territory with him and hope to finish the book. (about 1/3 left.) Each Unit will take longer with him, I think. I plan to do a day on the DVD and book, A day on the worksheets and read story from book again. And a day on the supplemental book and read some other corresponding phonics reader (Bob Books, etc.) I guess it is three days instead of two, and then we will see where we are.
  • Word Time was THROW CATCH
  • HWT was lowercase o.
  • Avery and I read a few books this morning while he was cribbing, but he is still recovering from illness today and has been sleeping all afternoon.

April Wrap-Up

We finished Ch. 4 in math. Next is geometry, which I like. Lots of good manipulatives there. The end of Ch. 4 took forever. It was subtraction, and they ended the chapter with word problems where you had to write your own equations. Some were addition and some were subtraction, and Naim just couldn’t tell the difference. We must have done a thousand examples. We did them using manipulatives, we did them on the white board, we did them making a chart (part, part, total) we did them in the book. It was somewhat excruciating. When he finally did the test, he missed 6, but I think it was mostly because we did it on the same day we did a lot of math already, and he fried his brain. We will revisit later. Aaron missed one on the test.

Aaron is working on sight words Sylvan book. Naim is cruising through the letter sounds sylvan book. I knew this would be the last letter name/sounds book that he does. He is 98% there. He is also almost caught up to where we left off in the HOP book (we went back to the beginning and did the whole thing again. And he is ready this time to move on. Chalk this up to stuff you can’t do in public school. He is slowly learning to read, and it would have been a nightmare had he been rushed through in public school. We have spent basically 4 years on letter name/sounds. And something tells me that we could have done it in one if I wouldn’t have even started until this year. But! hard to say, the four years may have helped. And the best part is, although he realizes that he is behind Aaron and some other kids, he doesn’t hate reading and he is not bothered by that fact. He does not think he is stupid.

Aaron is chugging through the Green HOP book and doing fine. We are three/fourths the way through volume one. He also reads so much more in real life now. He reads everything around him.

We started lower-case in handwriting finally. Now I understand where Magic C comes from.

We have also made a trip to the children’s museum. I will get some pics of that up. We turned in Avery’s paperwork at Goddard and I have decided to keep him in head start until June.  He does not start three days a week until June. His first day at Goddard with be this Friday. My dad will be here so I am planning to spend the day with him there and leave the big kids with my dad. Then Mon. I will see about leaving him alone there. I think it will be ok. Then big kids and I will start morning school next week, which is just going to be so much better all the way around.

We had church on Sunday but Avery got sick and projectile vomited all over his teacher. We got paged and took him out of class. By the time we got him cleaned up, the big kids had about ten minutes left so we just waited for them before we left instead of pulling them out. Then, I was crossing the street with him in the stroller and projectile vomit all over the street. Wow! At that point there was nothing to be done but take everyone home. So no field trip Downtown Sunday. Avery came home and literally slept from about 2:00pm until 10:00 this morning. We woke him up a few times to check to see if he was alive and check temp and change diapers and give a drink, but then he went right back to sleep. Today his temp is around 100 and he is playing and eating a little, so I think he is getting better. Kids really, really like that church and their class. It is amazing what a difference it is for all three of them. Avery’s teacher took the barfathon in stride.

We also did some yard clean up over the week end with everyone helping. The yard needs to be re-sodded, which will probably have to wait until next year. And I would also like to see about making a sidewalk of some kind of bricks or something from the gate to in front of the porch, cuz that gets awful there. And new porch furniture of course. And a new lawn mower that will bag the grass so it doesn’t die like this again. But that will be next years project. This year just trying to keep it under control. Neighbors had bubble machine out so all the kids went to play with them for a bit. And then D and his sister, Valerie, who is visiting from California, came over and we took them to the park, where they played with this slingshot helicopter thing. Valerie is the best at that. She is also the Champion of making baskets and kicking soccer balls, so I got told how much I suck as compared to Valerie. So be it, kids. Wanna go to California for a while?

Village Home was Village Home. All copacetic.

I am so struggling to keep up this blog!!!

It is since Nik is working, there just isn’t any time in the day, and then at night we are both exhausted and that is the only time I get to talk to him anyway. He gets up at 4:45am to get to work by 7:30. Then back by 6:00pm. I get up about 7:00, we both go to bed around 11 or midnight. Neither of us ever get to stop moving until after about 10, and then you can’t move at all. It is exhausting. We are forgetting things, I am having trouble even remembering what we have done the last couple of weeks since I last updated. I used to sometimes write when the kids were at Village Home, but now I have Avery with me all the time so that makes it hard. Lets see if I can hit some highlights, here.

Avery has been going to Speech every Friday. He has an hour allotted but usually only makes it a half hour before he quits and you can’t do anything with him again. She (Kathy) has dialed it back with him, I can tell. At first she was working on vocalizing beginning sounds, then she was working on vocalizing anything at all. Then   she worked on him pointing at thing. Here, for the first time, he pointed at pictures in a book when asked. (an apple and a car, she asks “where’s the car” and he points to it.) Last week she worked on a picture exchange system with him. We had tried this before several months ago with not much luck. Now he did it a bit with her. So now this week I need to make a picture exchange poster for him. Ugh. I need Nik to get me a Brailler from work because I cannot find my stylus and I don’t want to slate a bunch of Braille anyway. I’m much faster with a Brailler.

Village Home just finished Week 3 and all that is going well. Maya (Jenn C.’s kid, is in some of their classes. ) In science, Naim’s class has been working on a volcano for the last few weeks. I have some notes from their classes, which I will try to find and enter here.

Math Playground: Spring Weeks 2-3

Last week we explored permutations and combinations by:
– Reading A Three Hat Day (Geringer)
– Testing how many combinations could be made with 3 types of hats paired with 3 colors of scarves
– Playing around with Pascal’s triangle
– Putting multiples of 3 in order
– Playing a memory game matching hats with their likely owners
– Practicing hand-eye coordination tossing bean-bags into hats, and
– Folding and decorating paper hats.

This week we explored sets and attributes by:
– Reading Five Creatures (Jenkins) and exploring how many different attributes the 5 members of the household in the story could be sorted by
– Playing the card game Set*
– Sorting blocks of different shapes, sizes and colors into different groups
– Playing a Star Wars memory game
– Playing UNO
– Making picture designs with colored tiles, and
– Making repeating patterns with magnet shapes.


Sun and rain, snow and hail, weather happens all the time. This week, we will reading and learning about weather, including weather words, types of clouds, and more.

Messy Science

This week, get ready to have a BLAST as we get to work on learning about volcanoes and creating volcano models.

Avery and I have gotten into a little routine, that doesn’t seem to have anything to do with me going to 24 hour fitness like planned. We play in the playroom for an hour, go to Library story time where they have songs and books and crafts, go to the playground, come back and have lunch, play a bit more and go home. It works, but I do want to fit in 24 hour at least sometimes.

Church has been good. We missed Easter but had a good day going to the park and a picnic and D came to the park. Naim played a soccer game with some older kids. Avery slid down the slide by himself for the first time.

Regular school is coming along. We are nearly finished with math ch. 3. Both are on their second Sylvan books. Both are moving through HOP. Naim is kicking serious ass in reading. He is getting it. It has helped immensely to have him read a bit almost every day.

We went to an Easter Egg hunt at the fairgrounds a day before easter. They rode on ponies, too. Which was a bit guilt-inducing for me, because those poor ponies don’t seem to have a great life. They just go around and around a thing. But Nik bought the tickets not really knowing. They also got to go on some inflatables and check out some motorcycles and ambulance and stuff. Some car dealership had some cars there, and no other kid was lined up for them, but my kids were fascinated by cars. So these are transit kids.

We have been reading world history again and working through the Magic School Bus science experiments. Hope to have more time for that kind of thing after…

Avery starts preschool at Goddard in May. It is a stop-gap until we can get him into ECE when he turns three. It is too expensive. But we took a tour of three different places I could get to and the others had long wait lists and their was just a whole different vibe to them. I still think Goddard is more slick sales campaign than real differentiated substance, but for our purposes, it was the only thing that made sense. And that kid needs to Go. To. School. At least for right now as I cannot give him the stimulation and attention he needs and still get anything else done. So he will go three days a week from 9-1. Its a bit sad in a way. I’m spending the first whole day with him, and then I will see how comfortable I am with it. It is a ratio of 5 to 1, with only 10 kids in the class. (that is what you are paying all the money for.)

I don’t like when I do these catch-up posts because there is a million little things I forget. Like the kids shopping for bargains in the store, or trying to sell rocks for $10 on the sidewalk, or looking at bugs in the backyard. Or talking to cousins Karl and Wilma in Sweden via Facebook and sharing bionicle stories in two languages. So much stuff happening, I have to make time to blog about it.

2012: 21

On Thursday, Naim did the first few pages of his new Sylvan book, which was review of alphabet. I’m trying to spend at least 15 minutes a day with reading with him so that he doesn’t forget everything from one day to the next.

Today, we took Avery to speech. He was supposed to point to a drawer in this box with nine drawers. And pick out the toy inside. Then put them back. He did ok, but I can’t say he really pointed. More like grabbed at. He also put little animals in easter eggs and then was supposed to find them after she hid them, but he showed no interest. He picked up a toy music box thing and she worked with him on saying “on” to turn it on. He can kind of do this at home with light switches, but he was not cooperating here. She let him go after about 30 minutes. They need to bond more.

I stopped by Sylvan Learning Center to see about Naim going there while Avery is in speech and that is a no-go. They are open during that time but have no teachers. It is not a big loss, because they never impressed me much. It would have just been something more constructive for him to do during Avery’s speech.

We then went and got Aaron and Naim haircuts, had lunch and went to the park before catching the bus home. At home, we had a bit of time for school. So we did some reading and handwriting.

  • Naim did -ab words in HOP. We had done this before, and did it again.
  • Aaron also reviewed his sw- and st- words in HOP
  • Word Time was (LAY and LIFT)
  • Handwriting was A

2012: 20

  • Math Ch. 4.2 and 4.3 more with subtraction and number sentences, word problems
  • Read “Stop That Cow!” and did worksheet, matching quotes to pictures.
  • Sylvan; Naim finished the book a review of A-Z.. Aaron did -ut words.
Aniversary and Naim book finishing celebration.

Our yearly anniversary replica cake.

VH: Spring Week 1: Tuesday

Kids were back in VH for Spring Term. Maya (of Jenn Crowell fame) joined them this term. So that’s cool, another homeschooler!

Lets see what info I have from teachers:

Math Playground: Spring Week 1

Today we explored doubling, counting by 2s as well as other mathematical thinking by:
– Reading Minnie’s Diner (by Dobbs)
– Scooping “ice cream balls” and then doubling the serving
– Using pennies in 10-frames to practice doubling the numbers 6-9
– Counting pairs of leaves
– Creating mirror images of a collection of objects
– Solving a word problem using powers of 2
– Dividing 9 Easter eggs into groups of 2, 3 and 4
– Playing Old Maid (actually, Buzz LIghtyear)
– Solving picture graph puzzles, and
– Using bean-sticks to add 3 2-digit numbers

I’m not sure what happened in bookworms.

I went to Legos with Aaron for just a few minutes and Avery just went crazy running around that room. He really wants to go to school. I wish I could find him something.

Avery and I went to the library and when we got back to get Naim, he had a paper plate full of a “cell” complete with toothpicks and cell part labels on the end. Cell wall was a pita bread, cookie was the nucloutide. I think fruit leather was the endoplasmic reticulum. I think marshmallows were golgi apparatus, I forget what else, but I wish I would have taken a picture. I had to make him eat it before we got on the max. It was pretty cool. He also had a labeled picture of a cell as well.

Avery running around in the room where Aaron has Legos and also another class does PE type of things.

Avery in the library.


2012: 19 (Approximately)

  • Read Usborne book 7 “Stop That Cow!” and read through word bank words.
  • Math Ch. 4.1  subtraction and practice pages.
  • Sylvan Zz for Naim, Aaron did -ug words, spelling words.
  • Word Time (ROAD BRIDGE)
  • Handwriting Ss
  • Magic Schoolbus Science Magnetism Experiments 4-5.