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VH: Week 5 Tuesday

Kids had math playground, where apparently they did “stuff with cards.”

Bookworms was some books about tropical islands and the teachers brother came to talk to them. He apparently just got back from the Peace Corps. They also made leis. Of wish I am wearing one right now. It is made out of elastic and pieces of straw and beads.  It is oh-so-comfortable!

Naim made a picture of a robot he was very happy with in science and also they made “moon stone” which looks very much to me like a glob of plaster of paris. But all was good and they had fun.

I had Nik talk to the other teachers about Aaron’s behavior, and seems to all be ok, except some say he chooses not to participate sometimes and he does so without bugging everyone. So, there you go…don’t know what to make of that, except that the more you push him, the bigger crisis you are going to have. Sometimes you’ve got to wade your way through it anyway. He chose to take Measure for Treasure, so I’m not feeling too sorry for him. And some teachers are not going to dazzle you but you have to be a civil human being anyway. It still makes me think that he is playing her.

Legos seems to be not the same draw that it used to be, so don’t hear much anymore. He wants to take science with Naim instead but I think it is wait listed. Naim happens to be in the same room all Tuesday for all three of his classes. He says, “The teachers come to ME.”

In Avery news, got IFSP copy yesterday in the mail. Jean is trying to blow me off but I’m not letting her. Got authorization for speech today, so will set up appointment for that.

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