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    February 2012
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    Avery, Naim, Aaron

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Downtown Sunday 3

I sat in on choir and Naim was a little moody about it but participated. Aaron sits out but raises his hand, sings and participates more than Naim. But he is NOT in choir. I give him two to three more weeks to join the circle.

Avery did ok, but had a bit of trouble with Nik leaving him in the nursery. He said he was sitting in the table (in the little kid chairs) when he left, and he was in the same place when we came back. I HOPE he was not in there the whole time! They have suggested twice now that he could go to the jr. preschool, which is for kids who turned 2 in September last year, which is NOT him. I don’t think he is ready. I think again, it is a case of him being big and looking like a 3 year old and people over estimating his maturity. I’m not going to do it until next fall.

Big kids made valentines and seemed to do well in class. Avery and I came in during snack. And the teacher said they did well and they were excited to show me their valentines. They both say they like this church better. Not sure if that is real or just because it is shiny and new. We shall see.

After, we had to go to the Apple store to fix Nik’s computer and iPod. Kids spent a lot of time playing Dora at the kid computer table.

We also made and sent out all of our valentines ( a bit late, but we did it) to the Homeschool Valentine exchange kids. They were from FL, WV, AK, MA, OH, CA, VA, and OR. So that was kind of fun. We sent out valentines we got from oriental trading company where we had to assemble them. We wrote a letter about ourselves and added a heart tattoo. Also made and sent valentines to Karolyn and Richie.