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Wed/Thurs/Friday/Saturday a-no-go (w/Fieldtrip 4: OMSI and 2012: 11)

So, lets see.  A bit of catch-up.

Wednesday, we were supposed to go to OMSI, but it didn’t materialize. We went downtown Hillsboro, instead. To subway and to collect auction items for VH. Then to outdoors in.

Thursday I felt really crappy and we did not go to VH. It is my fault and I got in trouble from the kids, especially Aaron for it. Nik is working and I’m trying to get a schedule down and catch up, but I got sick and it didn’t so much happen.

Friday, the kids went to OMSI with D. I wanted to go, but I was still sick. It seems they had a good time and I did not hear too much about it except that N did not want to stay in the biology/life science place for too long.

OK, I think there was school somewhere in those three days and for the life of me, I can’t remember what we did. Very bad!

OK…Saturday? I think we did school. I know we read A Cat on a Mat, did the last bit of Chapter 2 in math and did the test, did sylvan and did handwriting Z. I know we didn’t do all of individual reading.