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2012: 10

Finally, got back to business.

First and Avery note: Avery has learned the word, NO! Or actually, nunununununu NO! It is his all purpose word now to get us to stop doing something he doesn’t like. It is time to pick up toys, Avery. NunununuNO! It’s obnoxious, but also very cute.

Also, Avery went to the MD today and now caught up on immunizations so damned head start will get off my back. They said I was way further behind than I was, I knew this, but I needed documentation. MD says the school systems are behind, not their system. And the schools are looking at records 11 or so months behind. So she gave us documentation that should clear it up. It is nice to fly under the radar with the big kids on shit like this. Avery is enmeshed in their policing. I wonder how many kids are getting more vaccines than they need because of that. Awful. Way to bust an immune system, public schools.

Also MD is going to work on OHP and Avery’s SP. Maybe finally we can get him some therapy after only trying for the last 8 months. Ridiculous. It will be Kathy Kohama, and she says should take about a week to get set up.

Big kids:

  • Read Dog Diary and did Usborne worksheet.
  • Did lesson 15 and a cumulative review. Using a number line to solve word problems.
  • Sylvan: Naim did Qq and Aaron did a review.
  • PE: We all went out and played Keep the balls moving with two balls, sort of our version of soccer. Then played freeze tag.
  • Naim came in from outside and just lost his brain. So I started doing a vowel review with -a- and -i-, and then we worked on b and d with the bed analogy, which he did ok with but still need to work on. We started doing the lesson 3 HOP DVD and lesson, but he fell apart during the lesson. Then I let him watch a zigzat instead.
  • Aaron did his spelling words and read Slim Sam again. He read it on video, but only if I recorded him reading it to “Lavender” and not him. Then he says he reads slower when I video tape him, which I think is true. But I will put the video up in Evernote.
  • Word Time (twist fasten)
  • Handwriting Y

Aaron Reading Slim Sam

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