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    February 2012
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Downtown Sunday 2

Rainbow over the chapel

We went to choir and church today but then came straight home, mostly because the bank had some kind of problem with our cards so we had no money. It is fixed now, might have been fixed then, but we just figured that we would be safe and not have a scene where our cards didn’t work.

The regular choir teacher was there so Naim seemed to like it. Aaron still says he is just going to watch, but then sings all the songs. Avery had a bit more trouble today being left, but seemed to be ok after I bit the bullet and just left him there. They said I could put him in Jr. Preschool, but I don’t think he is ready. He is supposed to be 2 by September, and he wasn’t. I don’t even know if he will be ready next year, but we shall see…

Big kids had to join us for the once a month “Together Time” when they start in the Sanctuary. I hate together time. All I get is tugged on by the kids to see how long it will be until they can leave. If they would knock the announcements and stuff off and maybe just sing a song and have a kids story and then let them go, it wouldn’t be so bad, but there is a lot of announcements and stuff to get through. I guess it is good for them to learn how to sit through some stuff, but it cuts into my no-kid time.

The kids made clay chalices for their candles that they made last week. And lo and behold when I went to pick them up, I was pulled aside by the teacher to talk about Aaron’s behavior. Apparently, they didn’t have the color of clay that he wanted, and that was a major travesty of justice and he had some sort of major meltdown. Naim gave us the play-by-play later and seemed pretty typical Aaron. Teacher said that he was removed from the class but eventually got things under control. I stayed for the last few minutes and he seemed ok if not a bit hyper.

It occurred to me that we had a bunch of this last year and then putting him on iron helped. And I thought, he has been saying he is tired a lot and he had a long spell, about 2 months of no iron because he refused to eat the kind that Nik bought (they were kind of nasty) but we didn’t get new until just about a week ago. I’m wondering if this is anemia and if, like last time, we build up his iron again then he will be more even keeled. I remember it taking two to three weeks or so last time. We shall see. It doesn’t help that the night before, D did not bring them back until 10pm. Then they don’t get to bed until 10:30 or so. So, with some more structured bedtime and iron supplements, maybe he can get  a little less whiney. Because my god it has gotten bad the last couple of weeks.

We tried the smaller, older, prettier sanctuary today. They have two simultaneous services, because of overflow. They do everything separately but they video Sinkford’s sermon into the smaller chapel. It worked a lot better for us because there was more room, not so hot and crowded, nearer to the kids building and where we do reception time, and MOST OF ALL, I don’t have a feedback delay on my FM system, so I can hear the stuff only once and not twice (or not at all) because of the delay. So, we are getting the hang of the routine there. Maybe we are still in the honeymoon phase, but it is like, I feel like we can do our thing there and not worry so much about the community aspect of it. It is not so conspicuous to be left out, and maybe we will even be let in-but at this point, I’m not going to worry about it, that would be bonus.