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2012: 3

We are trying to have Avery go with N to D’s house on homeschool days so we can do it in the morning and get it done and have more time for exploring other stuff like science, etc. Since Avery will start doing preschool 2 days a week likely, I’m not so worried about him sitting at D’s doing nothing. But I also am giving Nik assignments of things to do with him during the down time over there. Avery is getting into helping us clean up. He likes to put things in the washer and sweep and wipe things or basically imitate whatever you are doing. He has the Naim, like to be useful thing going on. He also seems to be repeating some of the words we say to some kind of syllabic approximation. Today, Naim was screaming at me from the bathtub, “LISA!” and then Avery started screaming “LEEE-AAAA!” too. I wait for him all this time to call me mom but maybe he will call me Lisa like Naim does.

I also need to make him an object book where we can pair real items with their pictures. I think he is showing a ever so slight bit of interest in pictures lately. Nik and I went through the Buttercups and Montessori curriculum today to get a bunch of activities for him to take with him. I pulled a bunch from Buttercups for me to do because they are a bit visual. But we found Montessori ones for N. I have six big binders of Early Childhood Montessori activities from birth to age 3. They are divided into six categories and three age groups, infants, toddlers, and twos. Although Avery should technically be in Twos, we had to go way back to the infant book for language stuff. But I would say that he could do most of the activities in Toddlers (12-24 months) in the other domains. (Cognitive, Practical Life, Sensory, Motor, and Social.) Social is probably the other one he is low on, but that is more due to language than anything else. This was nothing new to me, but I think Nik really saw the impact of his language delay when we are going back to the activities for 6-9 month olds.

Naim has been sick this weekend. Yesterday he slept all day and had a fever of 102.7 and a headache. He stayed home while Aa went to D’s house. But he is a bit better today. Fever down in the 100 range now. So, we did have school in the morning, but he got tired out so we finished up in the afternoon. But in general, I think the morning will work well.

So, let’s see, today:

  • Usborne First Readers-Read “Pirate Pat” again and then  “The Dress Up Box.” Went over some of the word bank words and did the worksheet.
  • Math-we finished up the bit of the last lesson we somehow missed, which was some more classifying and Venn diagramming. Then did Lesson 5, which was pattern stuff. Used their punch out attribute blocks today.
  • Sylvan-Aaron did 1/2 of the lesson on clothing words and continued with the spelling word box (about 10 a day). Naim did Kk.
  • Naim watched Lesson 33 of ZigZat.
  • Naim did HOP extra workbook pages on -ad words
  • Aaron did the supplements from HOP which were th- words.
  • Word Time was (BUMPY SMOOTH) I had them copy the words on the HWT chalkboard. Some issues with line spacing there since they only use two lines instead of the three with the dashes in the middle.
  • HWT-K on the chalkboard, K in the workbook, and listened to diagonal song.

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