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    January 2012
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2012: 1

Finally, got around to school again. We have done a lot of schoolishy stuff over the past couple of weeks. But all of it falls into the “School of Life” category. Lots with math and money, some baking, science stuff. Lots of building, designing. Some outdoors in, where we played a game that made me twist my leg. I think I have a bit of video. This was BEFORE I twisted my knee. But it swelled up like a balloon and then I couldn’t walk on it. Not, it hurt to walk on it, I literally couldn’t walk on it because it wouldn’t hold me up. I did not want to pay for cab to doctor and could not make it on the bus, so have just been laying low, keeping ice on it, and using a cane. So I haven’t been able to go anywhere or do much for the past several days.  But school I can do!

Wednesday was supposed to be Avery’s IFSP review, but Jean never showed. She told Danielle the day before she wasn’t coming, but never told us. Supposed to be next week now.

Notes from EHS.

We are also looking to move him to the two days a week program, but then found out there is no transportation. Soo…that makes it significantly more work for us. We might do a trial run.

Big Kids:

  • New First Grade Calvert Math! Lessons 1-2
  • Aaron, 2 pp. of rhyming words in Sylvan. Did worksheets for first Lesson of Green HOP
  • Naim did Ii in Sylvan, watched Lesson 31 in Zigzat
  • Word Time (TRAIN/TRACK)
  • Handwriting was a review of “leap frog” letters, where we said the directions on how to make letters and then guess which letter.


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