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VH Tuesday


Fever gone and a bit tired but ok. Didn’t see him much AGAIN today as I was at VH, then errands. Got Braille twin vision books for Nik to read to him in my absence at library. Librarian says she will order me more and help Nik and I pick out stuff for kids if we come at opening time. Avery is getting more interested in books and today sat with me to read one of the big kids books about Earth. He saw a picture of a car and pointed to it. He also clearly pointed to his bottle on a shelf at bedtime. We walked to mailbox and he played with the fence and clearly understood me (when I held out my hand) to come up the steps. Also clearly understood “Are you hungry?” at Dinner time. Nik thought he heard a “yeah” when asked if he wanted more chicken. I wouldn’t say that but it was definitely a sound in the affirmative. Stupid EI teacher canceled again. She’s now coming next Monday.

Big Kids:

From Math Playground:

This week we played around with doubles, multiples of 2 and sums to 8. The available activities included:
– Reading “Two of Everything” (Hong)
– Matching doubles dominoes to their corresponding number sentences
– Counting pairs of matched socks (counting by 2s)
– Making 2-point baskets with a (small) basketball
– Finding the matching half for playing cards
– Finding pairs while playing Old Maid
– Finding sums of doubles and doubles+1
– Dividing 8 planes into various sums to 8
– Practicing spatial reasoning with jigsaw puzzles

I spent a bit of time in Math with them. I did some of the doubles with dominos with Naim and some of the sums to 8 with Aaron. Also, did socks with Naim. Naim does really well, Aaron plays more than does the activities. Ho-hum.

From Bookworms:

Get ready to head to down under! Our book, this week, is about a character who wants to move to Australia, so we will be making a lapbook to help us learn about the country of Australia.

From Chinese

Naim complained about chinese all morning. That he sat in the dark and watched chinese videos too much and needed to stretch. We talked about how people from different cultures teach different ways, and his teacher comes from a very hard-working culture and she expects a lot out of them. We also talked about him having a chance to make suggestions at the end of term for things he would like differently with the class. But essentially, he committed and he had to stick it out.

I came to visit the classroom just about 5-10 minutes at the end. The lights were on,things were lively, they had chinese menues and were using chopsticks to eat jelly beans. He came up to me at the end happily chattering to me in Chinese. So it seemed all was forgotten.

From Gooey Science:

This week we will be exploring geology, which includes making edible dirt! (Don’t worry; it’s made of tasty things like graham crackers and dried fruit!) By creating the edible soil model we can learn about the layers of soil. We will also take a look at real dirt, up close.

Naim was very happy to eat his dirt. It was graham crackers crushed, dried berries and pudding, I think.


Had a long talk with Jana about the competitive team, First Lego Building Club. Seems to be really cool. They have to research and solve a given problem using legos and present it to judges. I don’t know that Aaron is ready to COOPERATE yet. But Naim would probably like it. Maybe next year!

Aaron’s creations:

Working Away

A small speed boat he made in two seconds between pictures.

A crane (or at first it was a trebuchet.)


Another speed boat.

HOP (with Dwight)

Naim-Lesson 9 and Hh in ABC and Letter Sounds book

Aaron-Lesson 13, worksheets.

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