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July 23, 2013

Avery went to ECSE. No news there except that no one put that Avery rides the bus in his IEP so I have to sign a revision. Hope to talk to her one more time before end of summer.

Big kids:

  • Practice book for MIF, Ch. 14 Lesson 1. They did ok with this after the Oral Hull break.
  • Both did Sylvan. Aaron finished his Vocab book. I am thinking about starting to add grammar for Third grade.
  • Aaron did Lesson 7 DVD in HOP
  • Naim did Lesson 2 review and worksheets for HOP
  • Aaron did 2pp. HWT
  • Naim did Worksheets and book for Rr in ZB

Erika came to visit Naim and they took a walk. She suggested he take time away from Aaron at the park. I said this would be fine and I told him he could go to the park by himself before, but he is too scared to go. This time, he decided to try it and I gave him a timer for an hour and he spent an hour down there. I also thought about letting him go to D’s apartment by himself sometimes, too, as it sits empty. But I need to go with him once and make sure he can unlock and lock back up and also lay a few ground rules for what he can do there and cleaning up, etc. He needs some alone time.

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