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March 6, 2013

Today was VH day and I dropped the kids off and came back home. Avery and I worked on Buttercups curriculum with an art project. I noticed that he has some idea of color, and when prompted could say pu pu for purple, boo for blue and geen for green. Obviously there are signs that he has been working with color in one or both of his preschools.  We also read some books and played with some puzzles, barn and blocks. I like having a day to spend with just him. He did start getting sick midday and had awful diarriah. He slept on and off from about 11:30 on through the night.

The VH report was that Discoverers was discoverers, filmmaking was working on editing, measure for treasure was again MATH! and fractions. Aaron did not tell me much about Science Olympiad, and he made some small things in messy garage for Avery and Naim.

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