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March 7, 2013

Avery was a bit better today so I sent him to school. I have no idea what happened there. I was going to go back later for a meeting they have once a month there, this one was about speech path so I thought it was relevant, but then Avery just would not get up from his nap and I figured he was still sick and needed a bit of a rest.

I listened in on a conference call line to the 4 candidates for the new OCB director. Naim listened it as well and so that was an interesting discussion. We talked about the importance of having a blind director and why it is not just nice and sweet but that the experience of blindness makes them eminently more qualified. Funny thing is, he got it. Unlike most sighted people that go off in an entitled huff. It’s like, you get every other goddamned job in the world, you cannot leave the ones that most affect the blind to the blind? Boo hop.

Anyway, did not have school at home today because at the last minute, Susannah came by to take the kids to visit D at the nursing home. I STILL don’t have a clue when he is coming home. He doesn’t seem to motivated to get out, or even to realize that it is really up to him to get himself out. Sigh.

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