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March 9, 2013

So the plan was to take Naim up on his idea that the whole family going out together is too much chaos sometimes and we should split up. Nik, Naim and Avery were going to go to the Washington County Historical Museum for family day and a free puppet show from Tears of Joy theater. Aaron and I were going to go to a LEGO art exhibit at the convention center.

But Aaron woke up puking…perhaps caught what Avery had a few days ago. Nik also felt crappy, so I took Naim to the Washington County Museum and the rest of the crew stayed home.

Washington County Museum is a funky place that I don’t quite get so I just go with it. It is free on family day once a month, and they usually have something special (often that doesn’t related to anything) like the puppet show. It also has a Hubble telescope exhibit which also has nothing to do with anything, but just go with it, you know? There are a few pioneer day artifacts on display, there were arts and crafts on family day, and there was a movie about how Mexicans and Latinos were imported to Washington County during WWII to do farm work since there was not enough of a workforce. It is kind of just a bunch of stuff thrown together, but the staff is really nice, and they seem to be trying to do a lot of things to attract families so OK. It is located right above Outdoors In so really easy to get to. Anyway, it was nice to go someplace just with Naim, though he said he felt weird and worried about Aaron the whole time. We went on a museum scavenger hunt and he got to pick out a prize (a poster) and he asked for an extra prize for his sick brother, which they let him have. We went to Taco Del Mar after and then to pick up pedialyte for Aaron at the store. As of bedtime, Aaron is still puking, so it has been a hard day for him. I was hoping he ¬†might feel better by tomorrow and then I could still take him to the lego thing, but as of now it is not looking good.

He is pretty dehydrated, they go on Monday for their “well child” check (heh.) so I hope he can make it by then.